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Restaurant Workshop: Symphony of Cod conducted by maestro Victorino de Almeida

It is the second themed dinner organized by the restaurant of chef Marco Gomes. This Wednesday, November 23, the maestro Victorino de Almeida is the guest of honor and cod promises to be the star of the dish.

A melody that is heard immediately upon arrival at the restaurant the Workshop with a glass of Covela Rosé. Already at the table, the symphony begins letamente with snacks like Sames cod with grain, the cheeks of a cod, ” cod “Brás”, carpaccio of cod, pie cod, pataniscas of cod and pie cod.

Inbound serves up velvety Cream of cod with crispy and glazed peppers and the main course keeps pace with the cod Fillet “special” baked in the oven with roasted potatoes and gratin of cauliflower.

For dessert the music is another: the Noodles golden pear, poached, dried fruit and ice cream of citrus.

To accompany the meal are notes in the region of Green Wines , and also of the Douro: Covela choose white, Covela Ws, Covela Choose red, Tecedeiras Reserva Tawny constitute a harmonious selection of nectars.

Exalt to creativity by putting together various approaches to artistic at the same table is the goal of the Cycle of Thematic Dinners in the Restaurant Workshop (Rua Miguel Bombarda, 273-282, Porto, portugal. Tel. 220 165 807), which occur monthly, and to which are invited leading figures of the various fields of arts, letters and fine dining. This Wednesday, November 23, the invitation is also to hear first-person stories about the life and work of conductor, composer and musician from the Portuguese lined up with high cuisine.

The markup for this dinner, limited to 25 guests is required. The meal, with drinks included, is €100 per person.

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