Restaurants and snacks: meet the preferred locations of the best chefs in the national

Alexandre Silva, José Avillez, Rui Paula, Ljubomir Stanisic, Henrique Sá Pessoa and Leonel Pereira are only six among more than two dozens of bosses that share the route of the taverns and taverns where you like to go and what snacks not to miss in each one of them. We accompany the trip and give you now a taste of what you’ll be able to know, in detail and in detail, in the next Tab of the Taverns and Taverns with the seal of Good Bed Good Table. On newsstands from November 18.

José Avillez
Collect restaurants and with them a number of awards. In the edition 2017 of the Guide Good Bed Good Table, came back to confirm the main line that follows in the management of the(s) your(s) kitchen(s) with the conquest of more of a Golden Fork. Like the traditional cuisine both haute cuisine and dominates both with a rare ease. In Lisbon, on Fridays and Saturdays, you can find it in the Zé da Mouraria, entertained between dishes, bait and a put of cod. In Porto, one of his favorite places is the wine Cellar of St Nicholas, where it goes by th octopus with rice of the same – the description of the dish looks cute, almost comical even, but among the professionals who can attest to the veracity of the thing it denotes. In the Algarve, since it is not in July or August, go for the seafood, and above all by the oysters, and has in the House of the Church in Cacela Velha, one of the stopping points mandatory.

Ljubomir Stanisic
Without the popes in the language, but very much fond of the same, whenever possible steamed, is a big fan of snack to eat in the hand. In their day, it shoots up to the snails and the caracoletas at the Brewery Germano, in Lisbon, where it also goes by the kidneys and by the moelas, that ensures they are wealthy samples of the honest kitchen, and family that still prevails in some houses of the city. The cod on the grill, a favorite of the boss, finds him in the Sea of Xabregas, where the Thursdays are dedicated to cooked and there are days that are just right for a’entrecôte memorable. In Port, often goes to the House of Agnes by the specialties there prepared: the fillets, octopus, tripe, codfish pastries and the one that is said to be the best brandy of the “candonga”.

Alexandre Silva
In 2017, already at the command of the PLACE, added the Fork Platinum Boa cama Boa Mesa” to the list of awards won. Quite rightly, say in accuracy. Alexandre Silva is a genius gourmet, a enlightened of the cause cooking. When not in the kitchen, like to eat what others cook, and is well to the side of the LOCO which is one of their taverns of choice: the Flower of the Star, where it will often be behind the jaquinzinhos fried of Mr. Germano. To eat cod, down to Santa Apolónia, more specifically to the restaurant Green Apple, where you guarantee to find the best post roast and the most competent baked potatoes Lisbon. More often than not, makes a “small” detour to Vila Nova de Milfontes, at Tasca do Celso, where the delivery came to Alentejo to the table, is the lamb, on rice, or on grilled fish.

Henrique Sá Pessoa
It was not easy to boot suggestions of restaurants and taverns to Henrique Sá Pessoa. We realized well, we should keep them secret to avoid that thing of “fads dining” in recent years, have transformed sites tend to be small by nature on the stages of the pilgrimage unrestrained. Still, for the head of the award-winning Alma matter find, as much as the good food, the houses with familiar environment. Suggests, therefore, the Brewery Ramiro, for the obvious fresh fish and seafood it serves but also, and above all, by the relaxation which it obliges between hammers, tongs, and a few drops of lemon daring flying from table to table. Outside the domain of traditional Portuguese cuisine, is in the Grand Palace Hong Kong, the nearest tavern and cantonese in Lisbon, which is the best Peking Duck. Closer to home, in Necklaces, has in Restaurant-praia da Adraga your canteen (we all have, isn’t it?) and it is there that you will always looking for a meal of fish and seafood with a view of the sea.

Rui Paula
He is a man of the north, with all that this represents in the way it likes to receive and be received. His humility, that could perfectly not combine with a career blameless in the service of the Portuguese cuisine is well represented in the choices shared in the Guide Bars and Snacks, that stand out by the genuine tastes, honestly Portuguese and no tricks. The head of the restaurant Tea House of Boa Nova, in Leça da Palmeira, now also a consultant to the Tivoli Lisboa and Tivoli Palácio de Seteais, not talking about dishes or snacks specific, because even to suggest a restaurant is already virtually assured of the seal of confidence. In Porto, Rui Paula and forwards to the House, Nanda, where it says to find the flavors well-maintained. In Lisbon, for the same reason, we find it at the table of the Tavern Salt and the restaurant’s Green Apple.

Leonel Pereira
Could perfectly be quiet in your corner continue to dominate the scenario gastronomic national. Could lean to the success and to the fair fame that has been consolidating year after year (he won a Golden Fork in the edition 2017 of Good Bed Good Table), but it does not. Leonel Pereira is electric by nature, resourceful by nature. Like to prove and to know the genuine taste of the taverns and taverns Portuguese and never makes dumb good “tainada”. Saves in memory the scallops we ate at the Tavern of the Rua das Flores, in Lisbon, but if I had to choose between them and the bait, come out of broken heart. After, and by personal taste, have a certain soft spot for fish and in dishes of sea concern, says the wonders of the tuna on the plate that serves Tapas and Legends, in Olhão, and the octopus from Tasca do João, in Faro, which, as far as you know, is a recipe of a family already in its second generation.

(Text published in Express Daily 2/11/2017)

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