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Restaurants and Snacks: warm up body and soul close to Serra da Estrela

Of “Bifanas dangerous” to sausages varied and not forgetting the famous chicken soup for the horns not missing snacks in the taverns and taverns that help to warm the cold days of the Serra da Estrela. Follow the route of Good Bed Good Table and get to know some of the places of compulsory stop, in Covilhã, Fundão and Guarda, before or after, a fun day next to the Tower or the Ski area. The selection is based on the guide “Bars and Snacks”, was released in November.

Tavern The Laranjinha
Unavoidable, in the centre of Covilhã, is the tavern that we all speak and that every visit, either by the friendly host, Ricardo Ramos, either by the specialities of the house. At the top of the preferences are the chocolate sausage (€5), served with apple sauce, the pasty sauce of Covilhã, a specialty of puff pastry stuffed with veal, broth, vinegar and saffron (€3,50), and the eggs and rent of the Tavern, with serrano ham and cherry tomato (€8,50), which, although they have gone to seek inspiration in the kitchen from neighboring Spain, are here well-suited to the flavors and rich ingredients of the region. It is always recommended to reserve for dinner, especially at the end of the week, when the house fills with families and groups looking for a memorable meal. Street 1.Th December, 18, Covilhã. Tel. 275 083 586

Olive oil Tavern
In this tavern the typical highlights are the tootsies of coriander (€5), chicken liver with balsamic (€5,50) and the strips of pork with herbs (€7). With the famous French fries of the house, caseirinhas and temperate in time, with or without cheese (€2). Square of the Republic, 8, Belmonte. Tel. 275 912 170

Kiosk at the Station
Next to the station Fundão, deals with the persistence of the two specialties: the sandwich bluetongue in corsica, france (€1,70), and the sandwiches of cod (€1,80), but there were days in which the liver appears. Glass of house wine at €0,40. The Station square, 1, Fundão. Tel. 275 753 639

The tavern Bill
Opened in 2015, will be focused on the regional dainties. There are small plates of octopus (€2,50), moelas (€2,50), salad of the ear, and sausage with eggs and even sausage and black pudding. Plaza de Alcantara, Lot 11, Fundão. Tel. 926 382 976

The Tasquinha
In this old house, pasture, family environment and friendly customer service, the tradition also makes the pastéis de bacalhau (€0,80), the sardines in a marinade of olive oil (the price varied), green eggs (€0,60/unit) and the meat patties (€0,80). Rua Infante D. Henrique, 55/57, Left. Tel. 271 212 170

Joe Nabeiro
The first is the fireplace where they grill the meat and the pan smokes, that draws attention. Later, the phrase inscribed on the wall: “what is unique is not better or worse, is simply this: you single!” Is to the popular chicken soup of the horns referred to, the dish that put Joe Nabeiro on the map and who serves at the Wednesday and Saturday. The man who started the business passed away recently, but the son promises to continue the work of the father. The soup has qualities of a ritual: it serves up the meat of the stew accompanied by salad and bread, the chicken soup is to come in the end, a juice discharged from the calf’s head, with pasta for tucking the stomach. The full meal (8€) includes beverage, cheese, coffee and cake. On the other days, it is folded with beans or grain with the hand of the cow in caldeiro, carne guisada in the iron pot, cooked at home and grilled on the open fire. Rua das Hortas, Soito, Sabugal. Tel. 271 605 116

The cave of the Beasts
The snacks are made on time and the price depends on the weight of each. The list is small, but it is the delight of the clientele that asks you for the woodpecker and the sausages, especially the black pudding and the chorizo. Rua Dr. José Sacadura Botte, 69, Arrifana, Seia. Tel. 238 312 183

Tasca do Mono
Call the bifanas here served “bifanas dangerous”, because of the spicy sauce in which is involved the bread and the pork loin, which are heated up at the plate. There is also pica-pau (€3,25) and some dishes of ham (€3,50). The tavern integrates the offer of the well-known restaurant sea Bass. Rua António José d’almeida, 53, Sabugal. Tel. 271 753 566

Zé of the Bait
Easily if you can guess the specialty. Served in generous doses, that give to two people. But those who don’t like the strong taste, you can always opt for the febras or by the flank (€7). Rua Miguel Bombarda, 18, Celorico da Beira. Tel. 271 742 586

Guide “Bars and Snacks”
The local identified in this article are part of the guide “Bars and Snacks” by Boa cama Boa Mesa”, which is for sale, with the Express, since Saturday, November 18, for €9,95. A bilingual edition (Portuguese and English), the guide “Bars and bites” features more than 350 suggestions of places where you can drink a glass of wine and savor the best snacks national. Above all, this guide is divided into seven regions (North, Porto, Central, Lisbon, Southern, Madeira and the Azores) is a tribute to all that keeps alive the tradition of the snack and conviviality. The guide “Bars and Snacks” can also be purchased in the Shop Press, with discounts for subscribers, and free shipping.

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