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Restaurants and Snacks: Where to eat without ceremonies in Lisbon

Explain: snack, in Portugal, is a concept that covers a range of skills to the table. Can relate to a simple saucer of olives as far as the one taxed for moelas or a sandwich petinga. For appetizer, we say we that we treat them by “tu”, we understand all the plates that they tell you to eat quickly, ideally by hand and over the counter, and dispense follow-up, and is worth by itself. Therefore, it is a bolinho de bacalhau, a bifana or dish of tripe, everything goes. Meet eight taverns must-see in Lisbon to bite the good bite.

The Tabuense
There are those who come to Alvalade only by the snails, the same that give good fame to the house (€10 for two people), but there are few who leave without a bifana and, with luck, if there still is, a dose of clams. In spite of the two rooms that make up The Tabuense, you almost always need to wait for a table. The blame addition, it is suspected, is the dressing of the snails, who says he is “perfect”, salty, and slightly pulled in the spicy. To avoid confusion, there are service take away – it’s just a shame you can’t also bring the toasted bread with butter…
Avenida Brasil, 182-C, Lisbon. Tel. 218 490 709

Orchard Alvalade
The orchard arriving just a few tips for dessert, because the rest has very little to do with fruit trees. In due time, there are snails (€4,50), and throughout the year the seafood specialties and the snacks are going to sharing a place at the table in the Orchard of Alvalade. Sausage stir-fried with mushrooms (€4,80), tuna with onions (€4), cockles bulhão Pato (€9,50) and moelas braised (€5,20) are just a few of the right choices.
Rua Marquesa de Alorna, 21-C, Lisbon. Tel. 218 497 46

Typical wine-cellar of Algés– UDRA
Anyone who has spent by UDRA (União Desportiva and Recerativa Algés) guaranteed to be already petiscou, lunched or dined in the wine Cellar Typical of Algés, taking into account the wide range. The dishes of the day can be feijoada the brazilian and other sympathies of the genre, but what matters is the snack. There is pepperoni acebolada with cassava (€8,50), chorizo roasted, the woodpecker and the steak with onions (€7,50). Tell with chorizo and sausage roast.
Rua Conde de Rio maior, the Sidewalk of the River (Field Ball), Algés. Tel. 214 182 393

Sun River
Is poiso required of the taxi drivers in Lisbon, which, in a break from work, come here for the bitoque, or by the nail in the bread. The meat used to put inside of the bread is the pojadouro and it is always fried in a mixture of lard and butter, which is then transformed into a nearly sauce beer (€6). To entertain there is always the option to each hot and crunchy cod cakes and patties (€1). The Sun River has only half a dozen tables, four seats at the counter and a terrace outside with two chairs.
The street of the Angels, 77-D, Lisbon. Tel. 213 534 420

Tasquinha of Isilda
In a historic area of Lisbon, two steps from the Castle of S. Jorge, in the heart of Mouraria, on the menu of the Tasquinha of Isilda are, without fail, the traditional moelas (€4), but also the ” pastéis de bacalhau with two sizes, one smaller (€0,50) and the other larger (€0,80), which can be served in a loaf of bread. Tell still with woodpecker pork (€6) and cow (€7,50).
Street Terreirinho, 76-B, Lisbon. Tel. 912 466 954

Of the two, a: or to reserve a table in advance, or the more certain is the car to the door. Zapata has been for decades the meeting point of those seeking food from the pan with homemade seasoning, which here appears always safe. There is a menu-xa available, but not worth to look for it, since the dishes of the day are xed to the door on a paper towel. Between garden peas with poached egg, eel stew, and cod cooked with all, it is mandatory to prove one of the most iconic dishes of the house: the fillets of octopus with bread (€9). In the absence of the table, is the same at the counter that if you serve one of the best croquettes de Lisboa (€1), accompanied by mustard and an imperial. When there is not, which is rare, there are patties of fish to replace. Everything fried at the time.
Rua do Poço dos Negros, 47/49, Lisbon. Tel. 213 908 942

Tasca do Gordo
Are the hundreds of scarves of football scattered through the various rooms of the Tavern of the Fat, essentially one of the clubs in the city of Lisbon and the National team. Receive with open arms the customers with other preferences clubísticas. A large space, but even so crowded, that you can fill from one moment to the other. Snack a saucer of folded (€3,80) or a chunk of the Fat (€6). On the hottest days, there is a terrace in the back and a football table and various camps popular.
Rua dos Cordoeiros, the Pedrouços, 33, Algés. Tel. 213 012 184

Tasca Zé of the Horns
Not much to know: Joe of the Horns is an institution in Lisbon, and anyone who says otherwise is lying. The space is too small for the demand, but that is what gives it charm. What there is comes directly from the grid, and is affi xed to the wall. It is the same for years – in a team that wins… In the meat, it is a crime not to go to the spare ribs (€8), rabbit (€7,50) and the quail (€5). In fish, the hearts are divided between cod and cuttlefish. In accuracy, it is necessary to tell, what is put on the table to entertain while the dishes are not ready can count as a meal. Between greaves (€1,75), the cheese Alpedrinha (€1,95) and the ham (€3,90), don’t think too much and ask for one of each.
Alley Surradores, 3, Lisbon. Tel. 218 869 641

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