Restaurants in the Douro celebrate Tomato Heart of Ox

There are those who argue that the Tomato beef Heart is the best tomato in the world. And that the region of Douro the best of all to grow, reaching the fullness between July and August, when it is even more tasty. Usually large, with approximately 220 to 250 grams each, is a fruit, of course, in the shape of a heart, which ripens from the inside to the outside, meaty, aromatic, and flavor is extremely rich, it is said that due to the sugar content.

To praise, and to remind consumers that there are much more many more varieties of tomatoes in addition to the ones you can buy on the shelves of the supermarkets, the entire region of the Douro, provides until the end of the month special attention to this Tomato Heart of Ox. The Project Capella is just one of the initiatives that praises this tomato. There is a proof in the baroque chapel of Arroyos, a small village in the municipality of Vila Real, August 25, 17h30. The fruit will be served with olive oil and salt flower. This initiative is integrated in the III Edition of the Contest of the Tomato beef Heart of the Douro.

In the rest of the day, there are recipes to prove in a handful of restaurants on the Douro river, all with Tomato Heart of Ox. On the Jetty of the Villa (Rua Monsenhor Jerónimo do Amaral, 6, Vila Real. Tel. 259 351 209) the menu features tomato Salad with onion rock, and the green leaves (€5) and, according to the suggestion of the boss, a version of the same salad with tomato flower and salt and olive oil in trás-os-montes (€3,50) to keep track of several proposals. The Salad of fresh tuna also takes this exceptional tomato (€12).

In the restaurant Chaxoila (national Highway 2, Borralha, Vila Real. Tel. 259 322 654), Tomato Heart of Ox comes in as a follow-up of the dishes in the regular service of the letter. Can be proven in the Diaper with baked potato and rice (€9), the naco (€to 15.75) or in secret (€12,50). Already the restaurant of the Quinta de La Rosa, the Kitchen of Clara, (the Quinta de La Rosa, Pinhão. Tel. 254 732 254) displays a cold soup of tomato heart of ox roast and cheese from the island of São Jorge, and the restaurant Cais da Ferradosa, (Ferradosa, Vale de Figueira, São João da Pesqueira. Tel. 254 488 303) gives to prove the four options on the menu. You can opt for the Tomato Heart of Ox with flower of salt and olive oil as input, in rice and tomato they serve with the fish of the river or in the stewed tomato and courgete from the garden and even in the compote of tomato from the garden with artisan cheeses for dessert.

In the Toca da Raposa (Rua da Praça, Ervedosa do Douro, Tel. 254 423 466) the Tomato beef Heart is served to accompany scrambled eggs as an input, in rice the rogue with cod fillets, corn tomato with neck of pork bísaro grilled and in masada, tomato, and cod. The sweet tomato, but the one that is made with the fruit planted in the Quinta Foz Torto is served with sheep cheese.

Look further to the proposals of the Cêpa Pie (Rua Dr. José Bulas da Cruz, 41, Alijó. Tel. 259 950 177), the DOC of the award-winning chef Rui Paula (Estrada nacional 222, Folgosa, Armamar. Tel. 254 858 123), and also in the Terroir of the Six Senses Douro Valley (Quinta de Vale Abraão, Semodães, Lamego. Tel. 254 660 600), hotel winner of a Platinum Key guide Good Bed Good Table in 2018.

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