Restaurants Moules&Co: The time of the mussels in the winter

There are news on the restaurants in the chain Moules&Co. With the winter and with the cold come three dishes designed to convey the essence of each one of the locations of the restaurants in Lisbon, in Cascais and in the city of Porto. More than proposals, are bets that can very well be integrated to the charter permanent, depending only on the continuity of the receptivity of the clients.

In Moules&Gin, situated in the heart of Cascais, the bet is a dish of Mussel sauce with Gin, Juniper and Cardomomo. Already in Campo de Ourique, the Moules&Beer offers a choice of Mussels with Sauce of Beer , and, more to the north of the country, in Porto, the Moules&Jugs has reserved a recipe for Mussels with Wine Sauce of Port and Raisins. Each bid costs €10 and will be available for, and only for the cold season.

There is still, being cold, Barnacles and Limpets in the restaurants of Lisbon and Porto, although to taste them you will need to ask for them, since they are not in the regular letter. In addition, in the Moules&Jugs, in Porto, there is another novelty to end the meal. The desserts are the charge of Miss Pavlova, with proposals amazing.

The Moules&Co is a simple concept in the recovery of the national, where the main star is the Mussel. Open since 2013, we are proud of always serve the freshest mussels national. For meat lovers, who think that the food of the shells is not sufficiently substantial, there is still the chunk of sirloin sliced or in the form of minced.

Inspired by a concept created in Belgium, the Moules&Gin is located in Cascais, in the New Street of Carob, 14, (Tel. 214 867 604), the Moules&Beer in Campo de Ourique, on the Street 4 Infantry, 29D, Lisbon (Tel. 213 860 046) and the Moules&Jugs at Rua Miguel Bombarda, 216, at the Port (Tel. 222 012 017).

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