Retreat the sly dig: The house where the kid is king

Almost directly opposite is the imposing Palace of the Ice, near it is the School Farm and on the other side of the street spread to warehouses of everything and anything, from building materials to spare parts to cars, motorcycles, and vans. Lie on the outskirts of the city of Viseu and very trade that can generate, almost all who work there, or that there will for one or another stock replacement, always end up having lunch in the Retreat of the sly dig.

In truth, the Retreat of the Artful is not the official name of the house, aβ under the management of the family of Paulo Almeida, one year after the carnation revolution, the year was 1975. On the façade of the small building tone yellow reads-if the Grill of the ArtfulLunch, Snacks and Dinner, and that being the true name inside the modest home, no one takes the bad to exchange a Barbecue for the Retreat.

Barely passes the main door, with a desk in aluminium and look of coffee, you realize soon that the attention of the house is given to products that arrive at the table. There are dishes of the day, that they are changing, but the huge amount of cars stopped at the door and transported to there clients that they go in search of the specialty of the house, the Kid grilled on the grill (€19). It is still Cod also grilled on the grill (€9,50), Febras pork (€9,50), Steaks (€9,50) and a vegetable Soup (€1,50) to line the stomach. While waiting (the dishes are all grilled at the moment), are also a Pataniscas de bacalhau (€1), perfect, without excess oil and stuffed… cod.

Discreetly, there are many public figures that pass by the Retreat of the sly dig. Diogo Rocha, chief of the region and winner of a Golden Fork in 2018 by the Guide Good Bed Good Table, every time he is asked about a restaurant where you like to eat, always responds: the Retreat of the sly dig. And makes a point of sharing these pieces thin and crispy goat grilled on the grill with other heads of profession, some to the front of the restaurants with Michelin star, as Pascal Aussignac of Club Gascon in London, Louis in Angels in the algarve, Bon Bon, and with Oscar Frost, of Restaurant G, also awarded with a Golden Fork in 2018 by the Guide Good Bed Good Table.

The Retreat of the Artful, or the Grill of the Artful, (Rua das Lages, Ranhados, Viseu. Tel. 232 461 573), as you prefer to call, closed on Wednesday. Already now, the name does not come from tricks with the account or with the wine so-so wine brand. The area of the city is what is known as a sly dig and the name lends itself so homage to the place where the restaurant was born.

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