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Return to the table of the School in Alcácer do Sal!

There is a whole generation, which today has more than 40 years old, who recalls riding in a primary school much like this, where the restaurant School, very close to Alcácer do Sal, the path of the Gate. Even more so when the building is perfectly preserved, with the playground ready for the jokes of the younger ones, and even a huge blackboard, from where so many times has been writing the multiplication tables, and the desks, where I learned the alphabet.

Today, you know very well return to School, without having to think about the reguadas of other times, of the races out here and of the games of the ball and the monkey, which, inevitably, ended up with a scratch on the pants. Here the teachings these days are dining and the variety of the letter so great and of quality, that you like almost deprecating, just for the opportunity to return to School.

It all starts with the purchase of the building, almost degraded, in an auction by Henrique Galvão Lopes, who thus became the cook and owner of the former school of the village of Cachopos. More than recover the walls and roofs, intended (successfully), to recover the traditions of the region’s cuisine, with influences from the Sado and Alentejo. Not only did you get as a has established itself as the destination of many, that, for example a trip more to the south, were the deviation for a class, read a lunch or a dinner. The wine list, with more than 200 references, and outstanding wines of the Setúbal Peninsula, it was other reasons.

To the front of the field given is not already Henrique Galvão Lopes. Today the master of the school, or better, the cook, is Octaviano Martins who has learned that lesson well, and today shares his knowledge with anyone who seeks it. These days you may want to make the caveat that, as a program of New Opportunities if it were, there are a lot of people want to go back to School (EN 253, Cachopos, Alcacer do Sal. Tel. 265 612 816), which ensures long periods of waiting and booking required.

The material written for any lesson, or better, for any meal, you must always start with the delicious Bread regional (€1,10), while waiting for the rest of the entries. There is the“Rabbit of coriander” (€3,10), “green Pepper shredded” (€2,90), “Sausage and chips” (€2,20), “Bacalhau com grão” (€3), “Tuna with black-eyed peas” (€2,90), “Carrot open” (€2,20), and an inevitable and delicious “Cheese would be released from Azeitão” (€3,40).

The fish, in addition to grilled or baked, depending on the will of the tides, the restaurant School offers a “Rice cuttlefish with shrimp”, (€12), “Mass of snowy grouper” (€13,50), “Stew of snowy grouper” (€13,50), “Cherne to the boatman” (€15) and “Eels to embarcadiço” (€13,50). There are still “tomato Bread soup with eel and chips” (€13,50), “Açorda de marisco” (€10) and I could not miss the traditional “fried Cuttlefish” (€11), as well as the “Kebab choco” (€12) and the “Octopus with sweet potatoes” (€13).

The suggestions of the flesh, of the restaurant School hide true symbols gastronomic regional, as well as the “Bean fertilized” (€10), the “Partridge in púcara” (€16), the “Potatoes rebolão” ( €10,50) and the “Stew lamb” (€13). In the category of compulsory, there is the “Pigeon bravo nabiçada” (€15), the “Kebab mixed of wild boar and deer” (€12), and the phenomenal “Patty of wild rabbit with rice and pinion” (€16,50). Try also with the “Bread of the brave rabbit” (€14), and with the “Neck of pork” (€11).

As no meal ends without a sweet, the restaurant School there is “Tarte de pinhão” (€3,80), “Stew of nut” (€3,40), the regional “Fidalgo” (€3,50), “Soaked” (€3,40), the “Morgado almond with figs” (€3), the “Sericaia” (€3,40) and some delicious “Kindergarden” (€3,20).

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