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Rib Beef & Wine Lisbon: all the pleasures of the flesh!

The surprise is general, when the table comes in the stunning “Tomahawk ribeye steak”, a piece with a cut differently, with fat intermuscular and with maturity to 28 days, with about a kilo (€55) and the proper accompaniments. The flesh, with a flavor pronounced and not very intense, is one of the great novelties of the restaurant Rib Beef & Wine Lisbon from the Hostel Lisbon, the recently introduced, and which promises to surprise the locals and the many tourists that visit the capital.

The concept has been implemented in the Port, by the hands of chef Rui Martins, recently voted Chef of the Year 2016, and displays in the Rib Beef & Wine Lisbon a letter from the author with meats of high quality and good cuts, and where the sharing is one of the fundamental characteristics. In Lisbon, where at the time ran the restaurant in Lisbon, Luís Rodrigues, who leads the kitchen, providing the letter of some of the peculiarities of the adopted to the culture of Lisbon.

An example visible in the new charter of the restaurant Rib Beef & Wine in Lisbon is the “fried Shrimp with Apple and chilli” (€13), which is inspired by the brasseries of Lisbon and extensible, for example, to the sauces that accompany all the meats. There is the famous “Marrare”, that pays homage to one of the most famous cafes in lisbon from the early TWENTIETH century, and that was at the origin of the famous “bife à café”.

In the charter of meats, or is, in the main offering of the restaurant Rib Beef & Wine Lisbon there is a wide range of options of cuts, such as the “RIB Eye” (€20), the “Cowboy Steak”, calf matured to 28 days (€49), or the “Empty matured to 60 days” (€35), among other options. To please and give identity to the space, returning to the option Lisbon, there is a wide choice of side dishes, with the highlight to the “To the “Brás” Vegetables” (€4) and the “Rice and Greens and Sausage Onion” (€3,50). Vegetarians have not been forgotten in the restaurant Rib Beef & Wine Lisbon with the “Cool Alternatives” as the “beet Risotto, pinion toasted and green apple” (€12) or the “Salad Cecina with red cabbage, balsamic and honey” (€11).

To surprise those who like sweets, and after the north be presented to the dessert “Port”, in the restaurant Rib Beef & Wine Lisbon there is also a tribute to the capital under the form of a bold “pastel de Nata with cinnamon ice cream” (€6,50) and with the typical ginjinha, called the “Lisbon”.

Located on the main square of lisbon, the Terreiro do Paço, the restaurant Rib Beef & Wine Lisbon, the Pousada de Lisboa, Praça do Comércio, 31, (Tel. 968 578 962) displays during the week a Lunch Meating, that is, an Executive Menu, for €15. Watch out-if you still to the wine cellar, with more than 120 references, and also to “Mixologist”bar with “DJ hub”.

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