Rui Silvestre “thank you” to win two stars in Monte Rei

The transition has been prepared with the quiet and the secrecy necessary for that there were no empty that is the high season of the resort. After two years at the helm of the kitchen of the restaurant Views, Albano Lourenço gives now place the Rui silvestre, the head that, in November 2015, surprised the universe of the gastronomic national win for Bon Bon, a space relatively unknown in Carvoeiro a Michelin star.

But, the years pass and the chiefs change of restaurants and present new projects at a great speed. That’s what happened to Rui Silvestre , which recently opened, also as a partner, the restaurant Quorum, a restaurant of experimentation in Lisbon, leaving his post in the algarve the Louis Angels. But, now, a new twist in the career of Silvestre to assume, from today, the 8th of July, the leadership of the Views, the main gastronomic space of the Monte Rei Golf & Country Club, a resort in the interior area of Vila Nova de Cacela.

Outside of the usual circuit of the spaces of fine dining in the Algarve, the Views has had difficulty in asserting itself. The conditions are there, from the kitchen to the excellent wine cellar, very led by Nuno Pires, the great defender of national wines. The question will be, essentially, a geographical, as this area of the Algarve, in addition to not have luxury hotels, is located outside of the call “Route Michelin”. Soon, the “critical mass” required to raise the heights of the restaurant, there is or there is sufficient quantity and quality.

Taking into account this context, the resort, whose base business is real estate, invested in an ambitious strategic development plan, which does not go exclusively by the golf course, once the existing field is considered by many to be the best existing in Portugal. Today there are more than two dozens of villas, classically decorated, very well equipped and with several typologies, for rent, under construction, next to the club house are already four dozen luxury apartments. But, this is only the first part of the plan, which will have continuity in 2019 with the start of construction of a second golf course and a boutique hotel with 65 suites, and scheduled for completion in 2022.

A large part of these explanations has been given recently to the journalists by Salvador Lucena, general director of Monte Rei Golf & Country Club, which went further to assume that the claim of the resort is to have, not one, but two Michelin starred restaurants. So, it’s up to Rui Silvestre, the new head of the Views, work with the goal of not only winning a star for the space which now leads, but also open the way to a second distinction, already in the new hotel.

The public announcement of the arrival of Rui Silvestre and the output of Albano Lourenço, made through the page of Facebook of the Chef’s Agency, was accompanied by a note of thanks to the resort in the algarve: “our Thank you to the Chef Albano Lourenço for their dedication and excellent work. The votes of huge success for these two Portuguese Chefs of renown. Welcome to this wonderful team Chef Rui Silvestre.” To implement the new menu of the Views, which will be available within a week, Silvestre has delegated the cuisine of lisbon’s Quorum James Emanuel Santos, who gave up the views in the hotel Areias do Seixo, Santa Cruz.

As the Albano Lourenço, for now, the goal is to rest, to then assess some of the possibilities between Lisbon and Porto.

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