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Sea urchin: star of the international festival of Ericeira

You are of the family of sea stars and such as they, hide from the light and prefer rocky environments. The sea urchins, strange to most people, are one marine animal is so often left out of alleys, plentiful seafood are served in the country. There are those who judge a kind of public danger by the scary-looking, and there are even those who refuse to eat them – the spikes intimidated, it is a fact. The lack of information? Maybe. There remains, therefore, confirm that the sea urchin is one of the latest bets for dining and that the country abounds off the coast centre and the south, especially in Ericeira, that also by this razaão, if called in time, “Ouirceira”.

We do not deny: it is an animal freak. And in the same way we confirm to be one of those pitéus that has to be tasted and enjoyed at least once in their life (and no, not if you will get hurt in the process).

In practice, there are few that know how to handle the sea urchin and of it to extract its edible part – in this case, the eggs – but luckily there is a group of heads of national fearless that treats the sea urchin for you, and that if the gasket already from the day 24 of march, at Ericeira, not only to end up with its bad reputation, but mainly to prove that it is possible to transform it into creative dishes and sophisticated.

Is now open the 4th edition of the International Festival of the Sea Urchin, an initiative that brings together the chefs Vasco Lello, Rodrigo Castelo, Bertílio Gomes, Marco Martini and José Pinheiro, among others, on shows dining and showcookings with tasting. Join the party 22 local restaurants, which until April 8 will have proof dishes and snacks to the base of the sea urchin, producers and researchers who will explain their properties, benefits and many uses.

Between Saturday and Sunday afternoon pass by the market of Ericeira and get to the pots of the heads that will be there to cook. The entry is free and you can still include one or the other proof-of-snacks.

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