Seafood in the Square: Between the market and the marina of Cascais

For the less attentive, it is the information, the cover of the guide “Restaurants & Terraces”, with signature, Good Bed Good Table, which will be on sale from Saturday 23 June (you can book through the Shop Service), was photographed in the restaurant Seafood on the Square, located in the Marina of Cascais.

With a year of operation, the Seafood in the Square of the marina is, in all, identical to the “original”, installed on the Market of the Village of Cascais, with doors open there are already four years. It was precisely during the last World cup of Soccer that originated this concept that, somehow, has helped to “democratize” the access to the best seafood national (and not only). The idea that led to the opening of the Seafood in the Square was simple: an informal space, where you could enjoy good seafood, without the pressure of prices, and in that each client can “control” what you pay for.

For all this, the name sums up well what is the restaurant. That is, it is in the square and has much and good seafood, with an added advantage: good price. Everything always very fresh. Help still the excellent environment provided by the covered terrace, which is also the structure of the Market of the Village, invites you to prolong the meals. Is part of the concept of the house, immediately upon entering, stop and choose from the huge bankroll of seafood, before heading to the table. To the weight or unit, grilled, fried or boiled, here is the client who is in charge.

The offer of restaurant Seafood in the Square (the Market of the Village, Rua Padre Moisés da Silva, Cascais. Tel. 214 822 130), great quality, goes by the witches in Cascais until the barnacles in the azores, without forgetting the treasures of the ria Formosa and the crab, the shrimp from the Algarve, the carabineros, the limpets, the lobster, the lobster or the oysters. You can, alternatively, opt for the kitchen pot, between the seafood rice with lobster (€39/2 pax), feijoada de gambas (€11,50) and curry shrimp (€11,50). To cap it all off, the classic nail in the bread (€4,50).

To snack tell with an offer diversified, and served to the dose, with a highlight for the octopus salad, the puntillitas (€8,50), clams bulhão Pato (€14,50) and the razorfish (€12,50). Lunch is an interesting offer of dishes of the day.

For those who prefer seafood with a view of the sea, you can go to the Seafood in the Square (Tel. 214 022 444), in the Marina of Cascais, where it replicates the original concept of choice from seafood dishes of the day, a bench full of freshness, and if you choose the method of cooking. The vista helps pack the meal.

Text adapted from the Guide “Restaurants & Terraces” – Boa cama Boa Mesa”, which has the support of Galp Evologic.

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