Seafood restaurant Rui: the King absolute in Silves

In a central street of Silves, with a terrace extended along the entire façade, this restaurant is a place of worship for over three decades in the art of the mariscada in the family. On a parallel with Lisbon, the queues at the door of the Restaurant, Rui (Rua Comendador Vilarinho, 27, Silves. Tel. 282 442 682) are so eloquent how to in Almirante Reis, next to Ramiro.

In the summer, take a deep breath while waiting your turn, with the certainty that the quality of supply restaurant, everything is justified. Ask an imperial for help quench the thirst and the time.

The list of marine products is long and varied, as well as the supply of fresh fish from the algarve coast. The specialties of the Restaurant, Rui include, in addition to the expected shrimp, razor clam, razor-fish, lobster, clams and crab, casseroles mixed and, as with any brewery worth its salt, a preguinho in the bread, which may very well be one of the best of the Algarve (be careful with the power of the chilli).

Whenever available, bet on cockles (€12) or in the canilhas (€14). To share family, a shoe cabinet (€30/kg) is always an option, as well as variations of mariscadas. On lucky days, the aquarium saves some chip of the Azores.

The Seafood restaurant Ruiin Silves, algarve, is one of nearly 500 sites selected and presented in the guide “Restaurants & Terraces”, with signature, Good Bed Good Table, which will be on sale from Saturday 23 June (you can also book through the Store Express).

Text adapted from the Guide “Restaurants & Terraces” – Boa cama Boa Mesa”, which has the support of Galp Evologic.

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