Seafood restaurants in Lisbon: 10 restaurants mandatory

There are 10 restaurants, how they could be more. Seafood restaurants and/or breweries this are places of worship for those who appreciate the freshest and tasty seafood, but the lobster, passing through cockles, prawns, crabs, crabs, and lobsters. In the name of a good mariscada, in Lisbon, in the month of August, follow the route of Good Bed Good Table, from the guide “Restaurants & Terraces” (purchase your copy through the Store Express).

The Mariscador
Win the top of the list for being the latest seafood restaurant in the city. The chief Rodrigo Castle, which gained fame by the Tavern O Tour, in Denver, chose a cuisine on the top floor, where you will be served a tasting menu. On the terrace of The restaurant Mariscador serves up the best seafood, without forgetting the seafood of the river, such as the crayfish in lemon thyme (€14) or the mixed fried and smoked (€13). The capital also arrives a dove, the traditional bread of Santarém, stuffed with crab, soft shell (€12.50), and the nail of the loin (€10). Don’t miss the Cockles to Tóino of the Elevator (€12), the Mussels in citrus fruits (€11) and the almost indescribable Rice of lobster, finished with a butter cooking itself, of course, lobster, available for two people (€60). The square of Bulls of the Campo Pequeno, Lisbon. Tel. 968444126

Cervejaria Ramiro
To ensure the success of the mission is advised to be at the door never after 18: 30, the time on the terrace will begin to rotate the first imperial to anyone who makes a point of not arredar walk. “If you go to dinner at 22: 30, so be it.” The reason for the bustle was always the same: fresh seafood, variety and quality, the beer at the point and the service dispatched. Before you complete the request, you come to the table of the Brewery Ramiro toasted bread with butter, which is quickly reset whenever the dish is empty. The same happens with the imperial, and the system remains until otherwise indicated – note that it can be dangerous! Start by selecting private ham Pata Negra, and follow for cockles (€11,07), great for entertaining until they got to the “dishes seriously”, with the crab and prawns à la guilho (€11,07), two of the classics of this house, in the leadership category of seafood. In the end, to be even seriously, save room for the famous nail of the loin (€4,17), the “dessert” mandatory to finish the meal. Note: reopens September 4, after to have worked in the first days of August. Avenida Almirante Reis, 1-H, Lisbon. Tel. 218851024

Nune’s Real Seafood restaurant
Here cut the ham with mastery and it is he who opens the hostilities, before moving on to what matters: the seafood. In Nune’s Real Seafood restaurant (reopens on the 29th of August) there are barnacles Berlengas (€120/kg), clams, razor clam, shrimp in a thousand ways and a section of meat, with highlight to the nail in the bread. The Hull of the spider crab (€17) is always a good option, as well as the carabineros. In the pan, a taste of the delicious rice of lobster. Rua Bartolomeu Dias, 120, Lisbon. Tel. 213019899

Luminous by Furnas
In good time, was brought to Lisbon the good name and quality certificate Esplanada Furnas, one of the seafood restaurants the most reputable of Ericeira. To prove, tell with the clothing more simple, on the grill or cooked in water and salt, but also with suggestions, less conventional, as is the case of shrimp, breaded with mayonnaise, wasabi, or the octopus, also breaded, and accompanied by mayonnaise, sweet chili. Seafood restaurant Light by Furnas there are also great suggestions to sting, as the always tempting dish of shrimp Thorn (€7,50) or the shell of crab (€12,50). Do not miss the oysters and the nail of lobster, in bolo do caco (€15). Avenida Almirante Reis, 166 C, Lisbon. Tel. 218478342

The Palace
Is address, since 1980, of the mariscadas the most famous of the Alcantara. The name of the house contrasts with the simplicity of the interior, which looks to be unpretentious and up to something outdated, but deeply honest in appearance. For the tables that circulate dishes of razor clam (€35/kg), spider crab stuffed, witches of the Azores, crayfish and canilha of the Algarve. On Tuesday, at the restaurant, The Palace there is “arroz de cabidela”, and in the summer there are many snails. Rua Prior do Crato 142, Lisbon. Tel. 213961647

Pier to the Sea
Should have the name on the contrary, because here is the sea that comes to Cais do Sodré, at least judging by the storefront, always filled with fresh seafood. What comes to the network – read the fishermen’s capture – the letter of the day of the restaurant and brewery Wharf to the Sea, led by João Mendes Esteves and Caesar Lawrence. The Wave Seafood Super New (€130) gasket almost all the seafood on a serving platter giant for four people. Rua Bernardino Costa, 42, Lisbon. Tel. 213421669

Cervejaria Ribadouro
In operation continuously since 1947 is one of the breweries most ancient and emblematic of Lisbon. The second home of many generations of the same family, the past, the Sunday lunch was the scene of large gatherings of artistic and literary, that there were writers, journalists, politicians and actors and actresses from the nearby Parque Mayer. The Cervejaria Ribadouro was famous for its fresh seafood and for the service to work out of hours (although officially shut down by the 1h30). The crab (€34,50), the prawns and the tiger prawns are mandatory, as well as the cod fillet or steak of the house. In the summer, enjoy the terrace on a full tour of the avenue. Avenida da Liberdade, 115, Lisbon. Tel. 213549411

Brewery Pinocchio
In full Restauradores Square, the Brewery Pinocchio opened its doors in 1982 and since then, rare are the days in which gave rest to the personal. The clams exposed at the entrance are card-of-visit, but the steak loin version of the woodpecker, with 700 grams of the more succulent flesh, it is an authentic perdition (€22,50). Not to be missed are also the feijoada of seafood (€22,50), the paella to the Pinocchio and the clams ” bulhão, open to steam in a very particular way… The beer is highly sought after. Praça dos Restauradores, 79, Lisbon. Tel. 213465106

Fishing 25
After the success in São Martinho do Porto, the move to Lisbon, in the heart of Cais do Sodré, was a decision obvious. In a letter that is in constant change, are the shrimp à la guilho (€m 15.25), the only policeman grilled and the barnacles of the Island. To share, there are two tables of seafood (from €64,25). In the restaurant Fishing 25 it is further recommended the soup of lobster with fish roe, the sirloin steak and the hamburger on caco. Open until 1: 00. Rua Nova do Carvalho, 15, Lisbon. Tel. 968828492

The Seven Seas
Will not be common to find a restaurant that is, simultaneously, seafood, brewery, and home of the suckling pig. Of a family environment and friendly service, the restaurant to Seven Seas fit in the three categories for the supply of fish and fresh seafood. There are witches and chipping of the Azores to snack, tiger prawns and rice lobster (€72/kg). On lucky days, you can be that crosses the heads of grouper. Good wine cellar, with suggestions by the glass. Avenida Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, 108, Lisbon Tel. 217272385

This article was published in the edition of Express Daily of August 16, 2018.

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