Secret Room to Amaze the senses in the presidential suite of the Ritz

The invitation arrives mysterious and announces the Secret Room: a luxury dinner prepared by one of the best chefs in the world, served in a luxury hotel (which gutter will also be one of the best in the world) and in the company unknown.

If there are proposals simply irresistible, this will, most probably, one of the most daring in recent times.
And then the details that, in the case, make all the difference: Eneko Atxa, the basque restaurant Azurmendi and holder of three Michelin stars, is the man in charge of the kitchen.

The dining room is not so well. This is, in fact, of the presidential suite of the Ritz Four Seasons Hotel Lisbon, where a night round €13.000! And the company, well… that depends on who you want to add to the experience.

The first Secret Room by the Blood in the Gill is already the next Saturday, the 14th of April, is limited to 20 people and has the individual cost of €550. The dresscode, of course, asks her to dress fancy, sexy and elegant.

The menu prepared by the chef known for research culinary and cooking naturalist are listed in the Kaipiritxa, the eggs trufados, lobster, roasted and peeled, with juice, butter coffee and purple onion from Zalla, the red mullet in three acts: the frying of “guts”; it is baked in the fire; red mullet, stewed wheat, pepper and potatoes ensalsadas, pigeon, potato, and carrot cooked in the fire, the celery and pineapple and black olives, sheep’s milk and cocoa.

But after all how it works? First, the check-in at the hotel reception. After that, the climb to the 10th floor – the presidential suite – and the first surprise: the room is not empty. The performer Alice Joana is already in character, and circulates through the space by way of welcome, a choreography smooth (and provocative q. (b). The arrival at the table, decorated with the historical patrimony of the Ritz that includes some unique pieces of jewellery, is accompanied by the team of the room, dressed the precept by the pair of creators Storytaylors. From the balcony of the room, the superb view of Lisbon completes the dream scenario.

On the last floor of the hotel there are also the wines of the Bairrada, a pairing that is being built by the sommelier resident from the Restaurant Balcony (Fork Silver edition in 2018 of the Guide Good Bed Good Table), Gabriela Marques, and a careful selection of cheeses from Manteigaria Silva, the country’s oldest, closes this first chapter of the RITZ”s Secret Room. (The 25th of April, the door of the presidential suite open, to receive the head of the brazilian Alex Atalaof restaurant D. O. M.).

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