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See the game of the Selection in the hotel’s Cristiano Ronaldo!

The rain teimava to fall on Lisbon, but unlike the Stadium of Light, where the National team faced Hungary, there were no queues at the gate or tight security to enter the CR7 Corner Bar & Bistro, in downtown of the city. On the ground floor of the Pestana CR7 Hotel, the countertops to read the tables in the bar and the restaurant) were already full before the starting whistle. Dozens of fans, and probably of the other selections, since the Portuguese were numbered by the fingers of one hand, did the heating with mugs of beer and an eye on the various tvs. One or the other brought a scarf out of the selection, a Spanish accompanied by the woman wore a sweater official, but of Real Madrid, the club where Cristiano Ronaldo continues to dazzle. It was all the posts, so little solemn have heard the national anthems and, at the appointed time, begins to roll the ball in the stadium and at the hotel of Cristiano Ronaldo.

19.50 – There are five minutes of the game, customers continue to demand that the imperial and mugs and throw the eye to the rest of the games broadcast on television. The Bulgaria brand to the Netherlands, only a client calls the attention of friends and drink another gulp of beer. At the next table ask if a few more mugs, taking advantage of the “Menu”Soccer”, with four beers, a serving of Croquettes cheek with mayonnaise Clams “bulhão Pato” and a dose of Mini-hambúrguers (€25).

19.53Cristiano Ronaldo hits a powerful shot on goal. The apparent calm of the room is interrupted by a customer coming from China, that jumps out of the chair before the imminence of the change of the marker. It was false alarm. Almost that bothered you, the client returns to the mug and to the place where via the game of football.

19.58 – direct Free, there is silence in the room. Before you shoot, arrive at the table, a signature cocktail, an adaptation of a “Whiskey Sour, with Bourbon, Natural Lemon Juice and Sugar Syrup. Ronaldo kicks and the room it rises in weight by almost surefire shot of the captain.

20.17GOAL to Portugal. André Silva opens the scoring after a pass from Raphael Guerreiro. The whole room of CR7 Corner Bar & Bistro jumps in elation. Customers are of nationalities different, he insists, no Portuguese, but celebrate everyone.

20.21 – GOAL to Portugal. Is Cristiano who scores and the living room almost comes below. Guests who do not know each other, celebrate together. When the images show the celebration of the captain, everyone mimics, and you hear in the room the “war cry” of Ronaldo. The counter does reach the table a “Ballon D’or”, a cocktail made with sugar free vanilla syrup, passion fruit juice, passion fruit, juice of lime, egg white and vodka Absolut Elyx.

20.53 – it Is time to get reinforcements, but only at the table of the CR7 Corner Bar & Bistro. Serve up some Croquettes cheek with mayonnaise Clams “bulhão Pato” and some grilled Broccoli with mayonnaise, anchovies and almonds. Part of the new charter, which is available in the bar and in the restaurant. Enters also in the field a Dick’s Dick loin with sauce of sweet chili.

21.06 – GOAL to Portugal. Ronaldo back on the score. We are the only Portuguese in the room, but not if note. Everyone celebrates the third goal for Portugal and the second from the personal account of Cristiano Ronaldo. The employees celebrate with their arms in the air, but in a discreet way. The Açorda de Gambas, made with some delicious slices of bread, brings comfort and strength after the celebration.

21.25 – The environment is festive. A Bacalhau à Brás precedes the final minutes. Asked, if in a discreet way, more of a goal to liven up the night. St. Peter gives a help and it’s not raining on the street.

21.32 – it Sounds the final whistle. The customers clap as if they were in a full Stadium of Light. The client of China greet the Spanish with the jersey of Real Madrid and smiles to the employees as if it had just come out of the field and applauds once more, alone. Not have been to Pavlova with red fruit, or the Mousse of Doom, the desserts chosen to mark the victory.

21.33 – The music takes care of the space and the conversations that will take place as usual, one to the back of the football, the other about the time, the city and the destination to end the Saturday night. The CR7 Corner Bar & Bistro is not empty. There are still lots of people that will take advantage of to just now throw your eyes to the new creations, 14, of chef Rui Martins. Altogether, there are now 21 proposals, where you can find a Soup Rich in Fish and Seafood, the proven Açorda de Gambas and the Bacalhau à Brás and even Shrimp Risotto. Join the Octopus with the Emulsion of Garlic and Roast Shallots and Tuna Braseado Sauce with the Sweet Chili.

In meats, the CR7 Corner Bar & Bistro makes aligning the Dick Dick of the Loin with Sauce Sweet Chilli, that was the game at the time of the visit, the Nail of the Loin and the Chicken Breast stuffed with Sausage. Join in the bank, or is, in the letter, to the famous and approved Croquettes cheek with mayonnaise Clams and the Trio of Mini-burgers. Vegetarians also play in the bar that Ronaldo gives the name. The Peels of Potato with Mayonnaise Lima, who accompanied the cocktails are amazing, as well as the Grilled Broccoli with Mayonnaise, Anchovies and Almonds. There is still the Salad of Fennel with Cucumber and Orange, Roasted Eggplant with Lemon and Toasts, Tagliatelle with Grilled Vegetables and Risotto with Mushrooms.

Reinforcements of the end of the meal, who is also the desserts are delicious Pavlova with Red Fruit, Strawberry and Cheese and the Cappuccino, Pastel Cream with Iced Coffee. There are even Bacon of Passion fruit with textures of Tangerine, and the phenomenal Mousse Perdition. The best of all is that to be able to see the ball and take advantage of the environment almost stadium CR7 Corner Bar & Bistro, there is no need to be a guest. Just sign in, choose a place on the bench and shout by the Selection of Portugal.

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