Sergio Crivelli in Matosinhos: From Italy with love, gluten-free

Only from the minds of recalcitrant are born great ideas that the hands never still put it into practice. The features are all in the head and mentor of the house, Sergio Crivelli , passionate about Portugal that makes the country their home since the 80’s.

Six years ago opened the doors of its restaurant of the same name in a central street of Matosinhos and from there, little by little, or, better, dish, was integrating the route of the best Italian in the area. Not only regarding ingredients and ways of doing things as specialized in preparing gluten-free dishes for celiacs, something unusual in a kitchen, such as the Italian, which is based on wheat flour.

The lab at the time
In the common area, the living room sober and elegant extends to the simplicity of the kitchen to the view, where the element of highlight is the wood-burning oven. This is the heart where confecionam the specialties of the house, but it is in the laboratory installed next to the kitchen of the restaurant, where they produce over 20 different formats of the folder, which are born tastes and ideas, some internationally recognized (for example, when he was world champion pizzas gluten-free in 2002). “It takes ten times longer to prepare than the traditional one,” says the head ensuring that it is well worth it.

In the only restaurant certified by the Portuguese Association of Celiac in the northern zone, the dishes “gluten free” replicate the options available in the charter, traditional, and both live together in harmony.

Flavors of a cold land
The menu is as extensive and varied as the route of this Italian who fell in love with Portugal when he visited the country in 1977. In addition to the specific menu for celiacs, the specialties of the restaurant Sergio Crivelli is based on products imported from Espoleto, the cradle of the head. Situated in the north of Italy, is a cold land where it comes from all the norcheleria (cold cuts), sausages, cheese, but also mushrooms and the rare black truffles that give the body a of the favorite dishes of the house.

It is suggested, therefore, that you start by tasting a cheese board and sausages as input, accompanied by a foccacia roman. In this “affected mixed the Italian”, the products are not smoked but just cured preparation that gives them the aroma, flavor and texture characteristics. Proceed to one of the prepared dishes with mushrooms such as porcini and the cantarelos, in addition to the webmaster resources kit (€20), other specialties very popular.

The mass of the Sea and the Mount, for example, with a selection of mushrooms and the shrimp and the pizza Regina (€16), with mushrooms, arugula and prosciutto, integrate the favorite of the house. To keep up, surrender to the wines of Italy, which here rival the Portuguese.

Of the entries (from €6) to desserts (all $ 4), the letter passes through the salads (from $ 7), fresh pasta (from $ 13), risotto (from $ 16), pizzas (from $ 10) and beef dishes (from €18).

Travel through the kitchen
To view, by way of decoration, various objects of collection, between cameras, pens, disks, and even a huge gramophone count almost as many stories as the owner.

Passionate about cooking since childhood, inspired by her grandmother to the creation of simple dishes and full of flavor. The empirical knowledge joined training in hospitality which he exercised at well-known hotels in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and England, at a time when that was rare haute cuisine. It was still in the 70’s that changed the profession and, on a trip to Portugal, fell in love with the country. Lives in lusaka land since the 80’s, in the north since the same decade and, in Matosinhos, from which, six years ago, “already in retirement, decided to open a “good Italian restaurant”.

During the week, at lunch, the offer of the restaurant Sergio Crivelli (Rua de Brito Capelo, 705, Matosinhos, portugal. Tel. 229 380 452) à la carte are complemented with a menu of the day.

The space has a capacity of 50 places in addition to 20 on the terrace and closed on Sunday at dinner.

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