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Seven Restaurant or as Coimbra continues to be reborn

For years the city of Coimbra was, one might say, almost a stagnation of the national in which to restore respect. A hand full of good restaurants, the classics and history, were not sufficient to be an alternative, for example, to Mealhada and the famous suckling pig or the proposals of seafood and fresh fish coming from the bathing areas of the district. So, Coimbra has always been a town where little or nothing was close to the table, it must be noted, with half a dozen exceptions.

Today everything is different. A new generation of chefs, sommeliers and managers of the room, returned to the city, risked with new designs and again to put the light at the end of the tunnel brighter. One of the examples that shows the new Coimbra of the restoration is the Seven Restaurant, a project of Dionísio Ferreira, Paulo Pechorro and Peter Patusco, professionals with experience and references acquired in spaces such as the Quinta das Lágrimas and the Palace Hotel of Bussaco, which promise to give that talk.

The location of the Seven Restaurant (Rua Dr. Martins de Carvalho, 10, Coimbra, portugal. Tel. 239 060 065) is one of the strengths of the house. Next to the Church of the Holy Cross, where is the historic café with the same name, lives in the revitalization of the downtown and helps to create a new moved that invades this area to the city, up to here and then the sun disappear, voted almost to abandonment. Then there are the dishes of the letter that if you feature a genuine, full flavours of traditional business card perfect for the many tourists who are looking for Coimbra and revive the memories of the taste of some of the local consumers.

The menu of the Seven Restaurant is divided by Six early as possible”, with a tasty “poached Egg, peas and chorizo de Arganil”, a “cold Soup of summer”, a “Salad seven flavors with gelatin muscat”, “Salad of cod fish with olive sauce”, “Salmon with citrus, sauce of yogurt and dill” and “Broth rich in fish and shellfish”.

The “Seven ways to continue to” pass through the amazing “grilled Sardines crispy, the rice with spring onions, roasted”, “Cod in a crust of parsley, crushed sweet potato”, “Salmon-coloured aromatic herbs with couscous cuttlefish ink”, “Chambão of lamb in red wine with mashed chestnuts”, “Patty leitão da Bairrada with chutney of pineapple”, “Empty bullock, potato stuffed with cheese Rabaçal and sautéed vegetables” and “grilled Octopus, potatoes, and onions roasted and fresh salad”.

In the Seven Restaurant, there are still “Seven suggestions for vegetarian” and “the Seven temptations”, the desserts of the charter, which include, for example, “Chocolate, strawberry coulis and mint”, “our Pudding Abbot, orange sauce and almonds salted”, “Panacotta with vanilla sauce mango” and a “Platter of domestic cheeses”. The average price per meal is €30. There is still that count on seven proposals for harmonised wine for dessert.

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