Shale Week: regional flavours from village to village

Until the 14th of February, the Schist Week bet on to know more flavors to regional dishes of the various restaurants, which are part of the Schist Villages. Several heads were challenged to discover the essence of these villages of the interior, and the knowledge gastronomic ancestors, who have passed from generation to generation. Thus, were born the menus “Spirit of Place”, the menu only drawn with the stories and traditions of the inhabitants of this villages.

The Cellar restaurant of the Appalachians, which is part of a network of the Schist Villages, displays in its menu the various inputs to the regional, followed by the Soup in the iron pot, Cabrito estonado in the oven, mashed cabbage of the vegetable garden, rice kids, and potatoes, baker and, to finish, several desserts regional of the day. The menu at €25 per person, not including drinks.

In addition to the Cellar of the Appalachians, the list of adherents includes a dozen restaurants, among which the Spun, the Museum of Chanfana, Pascoal, João Brandão, Flavors of the Village, The Buke, Santo Amaro, House It regarding Augusta, the Balcony of the Couple, and D. Sesnando. In these spaces, the menus “Spirit of Place” suggest unique dishes such as Cabbage stuffed with migalhada of chanfana, Bread, sausages, Soup of duck of the river, “Tigelada” of the earth with frost and Crunchy nabada de Semide.

The Schist Week also suggests that the initiative “Dinner 4 hands”, which promises to serve the best regional dishes, prepared by two chefs. The first is scheduled for this Saturday, the 3rd day of February, in the restaurant, The Buke (Pampilhosa da Serra) with the chief resident Flavius Silva and the chief guest Vasco Lello. Already on day 10, the dinner takes place at the Museum of Chanfana (Miranda do Corvo), with the heads Vítor Fernandes and Luís Miguel Rodrigues.

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