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Solar Cod: Where the “Faithful Friend” is King, in the city of the students

The downtown area of Coimbra, you can say, begins here, on the Rua da Sota, which runs parallel to the river immortalized in the Fado, the traditional song of coimbra. It is, therefore, a place of obligatory passage in any business and, given the size of the building where is located the restaurant ” Solar do Bacalhau, also a point of passage, unavoidable.

For many, the location where the cod is King still associated with a famous Italian restaurant in the city, that one day decided to change course. Bet on the “Faithful Friend”- showing the table that yes, it is possible to serve it in 1001 ways. Naturally does not extend the charter by so many options, but those that have demonstrate (and well), the versatility of one of the most popular products of the national gastronomy.

In the letter of the restaurant Solar do Bacalhau, we find the revenues of the“Cod”Solar, “Cod in the Bread”, “Cod in the Oven” and even a new way of serving the “À Braz”, here supported. There is still a “Ravioli of Cod”, and even a rare “Rice in the Language of Cod”, as well as the most classic, to put or simply grilled on the grill (average price €15). In fact, coal is the pretext to continue to explore the letter, because in this restaurant there is life beyond the cod.

Without entering into the selection of fish of the day, the swing to the flavor of the fishing and of the fish auctions in the area, is justified if a passage through the meat, with the “Lizard Black Pork” (€8) shows the mastery of the responsible for the grid, as well as the “Set ” Alcatra” (€10) and the “Put Pojadouro Rolled with Arugula and Parmesan” (€12). But the biggest surprise lies in the offer of pizzas, after all, still the memory of the old vocation of the house, when even the name Italian had.

With more than 200 beds, divided over two floors, the restaurant Solar do Bacalhau, Rua da Sota 12, in Coimbra (Tel. 239 098 990) still has the buffet option at the end of the week, animation to dinner, and space for groups, in addition to being always open doors, and the coals burning slowly to provide dining excellence in the city of Coimbra.

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