Tables Bohemias: Flavors of the Algarve in Porto

How is it that a country so small can have so much diversity of cultures, ways of living and the landscape? Portugal is so diverse, and the table is one of the best places to take advantage of this variety.

It is, therefore, a truly unique experience when one of the icons of the restoration of the Barrocal region of the Algarve if you install in the Port for, during a weekend, serve some of its greatest specialities, in the company of a beer Bohemia. Situated in Ribeira Alta, in Tormentor, one of the gems of the Algarve, away from the confusion, the restaurant Limelight, led by Elsa Bridge , and by the mother (a cook full hand!), is a guardian of the gastronomy of this region.

Served as the introduction to announce that between 29 June and 1 July, the flavors of the Limelight are in the restaurant Eat (Rua Rodrigues Sampaio, 156, Porto. Tel. 938 923 305), in the heart of the city Invicta.

The meal begins with Arjamolho, a cold soup typical of the Algarve that will serve the welcome to the Barrocal region of the Algarve. One of the dishes the most iconic of the region: Xerém with cockles promises to combine perfectly with the freshness of the new Bohemia Hoppy-Weiss. The following is the Jantarinho Grain, a dish rich and tasty, done in the pan with your sausages and pork, to marry the Bohemia Bock. Finally, in the chapter of the main dishes, offered for tasting Chicken “Cerejada” to the Fashion of the riverside High, is the ex-libris of the gastronomic region of the Algarve which is only complete in the presence of the bitterness of Bohemia Pure Malt. The dessert combines two ingredients well in the algarve: the Tarte of locust bean gum with the Ice cream from the Figo promises to be a happy ending to this meal.

The menu costs €30 and includes beer, water and coffee. Bookings can be made for dinner, Friday or Saturday at 20.00, or for lunch, Saturday and Sunday at 13h00.

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