“Tainadas” à moda do Minho: seven taverns where the snack is an art

Tainar, said the north, refers to the art of grazing, notably in the Minho region. It is as if to say join a half dozen friends to eat and drink at will. Even the vontadinha. In the Minho, where he was born, so worthy concept, there are seven taverns where you honor the lively socialising at the table. One for each day of the week.

Home Sêmea
The low prices of the House Sêmea help to the experience of the “taste a little bit of everything.” The sandwiches cost €1,20, except the octopus, or cod, which are €2,50. If you prefer a classic dining, at the table, and with everything, it costs €5! Finish off with a few dreams still warm or a few pears borrachonas. Note that the snacks are only served during the afternoon and stopped at the time of lunch or dinner.
Largo Marechal Gomes da Costa, 1, Arcozelo, Barcelos. Tel. 253 811 741

Tasca do Carregal
It lies outside the urban perimeter but close enough to make worth the trip to the Tavern of Carregal. If not by the green of the surrounding landscape, so by the varied list of mouth watering snacks. There is francesinha (€7,50), neck roast (€5,50), dumplings of cod (€0.80) and ” the friar. Other good options, that never fall ill in this house, are the pie of sausage and the fried chicken. Many of the products are from this house to rural manor house dating from the NINETEENTH century and managed by the same family until the present day.
Avenida do Carregal, 162, Braga. Tel. 933 519 915

Tasca Express
It received this name because the owner wanted to remember, every time you came in, that I didn’t want to stay inside a long time. But was, for the liking of many customers looking for this space, which looks more like a museum, full of old objects that are decorated with a huge collection of bottles also ancient hanging from the ceiling. It is crucial to drink a bowl of “pint-beiço”, the name given to the vinho verde red wine in the Tavern Express, so named by the staining that it leaves on the lips. Can also be drunk by the glass, but ensure to have a different flavor. To eat there is always cow’s cheese (€1,50) or a dish with sausage (€1,50), and the kitchen exit yet a saucer of moelas or any thing, according to the layout that wakes up to the owner to this day.
Largo da República do Brasil, 33, Guimarães. Tel. 964 946 733

House Spring Tavern Soares
The original name tells little to people, that barely connect to the Home Spring. Everyone knows the space as a Tavern Soares, a name that has earned the nickname of the owner. Dedicated to the flavours of the sea, always subject to the whims of the tides and the abundance of the seasons, but there are almost always available eggs (€3,50), buzios (€4), mussels (€3,50) and barnacles (€15/kg) The caramujas (€12) and the razor clam (€18) are other possibilities of snack, as well as the crab (€14). Note that only the Saturday afternoon is that if you can prove the clam (€24). Tell also with entertainment and regular theme parties throughout the year.
Rua Góis Pinto, 57, Viana do Castelo. Tel. 258 821 807

Taberna do Félix
In the historical zone of Braga Cathedral, this traditional tavern with the contours of the restaurant is the perfect place to taste some of the typical dishes of the gastronomy of the North of Portugal, such as cod with bread, or duck rice. For those who want to savor you, because there are those who come to the Tavern as Felix only with this intention, there is, up to the late hours, a salad of the day (€6), a board of assorted cheeses, goat cheese with endives and a chocolate cake with homemade that only does not enter in the competition because usually there’s nothing left to tell the story. If pre ra something more classic, there’s always a pataniscas of cod, rolls of sausage, and a comprehensive cover of mixed snacks. Give also attention to the wine, serving several references to the cup. Largo da Praça Velha, 18, Braga. Tel. 253 617 701

The wine cellar of the Hermit
Attention: this house will open only if the weather is sunny. If it is rain, says the Lord Armindo Monteiro, do not open the Cellar doors of the Hermit. After the weather issues, there is that find the place, hidden under the rocks. But worth the ride, as the view is magnificent from the doors and the monte da Penha. After you made the request, wait patiently in the small tables green that are a part of the terrace or in one of the stone benches of the granite that came with the rocks of the mountain. If you have the luck of the day be sunny, indulge in the cake of sardines, made in a mass in (€0,70), always done on time, warm and still smoke, or have sardines and chips, to the unit (€0,30). Do not miss the opportunity to taste a caldo verde, homemade, made with cabbage from our own production. Accompany with wine from the farmer.
Penha, Guimarães. Tel. 253 566 031

Tasca do Delfim
It is a restaurant museum with a collection of enviable de concertinas. The site of good food and good wine, Tasca do Delfim is the point of meeting of the singers of the earth, which here come together to give music to the meal. The idea is to drink a few glasses of valour (for snack there is always, at least, a few sandwiches of ham) and socialising.
The street of the Plaza, 45, Arcos de Valdevez. Tel. 258 515 390

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