Tango and argentine beef are back to liven up the nights of Lisbon

Is already this Thursday, September 20, that the “rhythms of intimate and sensual Buenos Aires return to the fire the restaurant argentino Volver Meat-Y Soul. Located in Lumiar, in Lisbon, Thursday night promises to be (still) the most hot, thanks to the presence of the dual Graciana Romeo and Juan Capriotti (Lisbon Tango) and several dishes inspired argentina.

“The nights of fervent and passionate tango are returning to” ensure the responsible of the Return of the Flesh Y the Soul, and nothing better to start the meal with the famous Empanadas Salteñas-Meat (€9) or with Chorizo Handmade Argentine (€8,50), a sausage fresh confecionada with the typical sauce, chimichurri (argentinean sauce made on the base of olive oil, parsley, oregano, and chili aji) and fat of meat of cow and pig.

To the beat of the accordion, double bass, piano and violin, the dinner continues with a Rib Eye Black Angus (€23), shown with a cut typically argentine and a smooth texture, combining perfectly with the fried Polenta with pork belly and smoked cheese (€3,25). To end this special evening dedicated to tango, in addition to a walk dance, take advantage of the suggestion of dessert: Torta Rogel, with the “mucho dulce de leche” (€7).

Regardless of this special selection for the evening of Thursday, the restaurant Volver Meat-Y Soul, which sees itself as “a place where the Argentina and Portugal mingle in the unlikely form”, presents an interesting offering of cured meats, ideal for sharing, as the Chuletón, 600 gr and 21 days of ripening (€42,50), the Baby Beef, 500 gr and 21 days of ripening (€39,50) and the Cutting Volver, pork from alentejo, matured over 15 days, with 1300 gr (€65).

As a final tip, the restaurant staff to Turn Meat Y Alma (Rua Luís de Freitas Branco, 5D, Lisbon. Tel. 217598980) advises: “Do as Shakira and renounce the angles of the triangle – all because the tango, Carlos Gardel tempered, as anyone, was not created to be danced to three.” Add to that the nights of the tango have a monthly periodicity, by performing always on a Thursday, as a rule, in the second fortnight of each month.

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