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Tavern Burriqueiro: “therapy” of snacks in Luso

Abundant greenery, serenity and the thermal baths of ancient fame. The qualities of the “therapeutic” associated with the Portuguese, in the municipality of Mealhada, are not secret to anyone. Less known to the public, but of equal value, the Tavern of the Burriqueiro has become an essential stopover in the village. Located near the thermal Baths of Luso, opens the door to those who are looking for other “therapies”: snacks and socializing…

The Tavern Burriqueiro opened two years ago and just increase the space, with a third room. The environment is rustic, with a balcony, lots of wood and traditional decor, with bottles and bottles to serve as candlesticks, small barrels and horseshoes.

The references to donkeys are evident, either in name or in photographs on the walls. The manager and the natural Luso, Mário Penetrates, explains that in ancient times came to people out and rented the donkeys to local families, to make “donkey rides” or rides at Bussaco. “The donkeys, which thrived due to the existence of many mills, also went to the train to carry the baggage of those who came to spend a holiday. Called burriqueiros to lusenses, in a derogatory way, but with the time went on the face as a”joke, account.

The Asinhas chicken (€3,5/dose), fried and with sauce sweet and sour style barbecue, are one of the specialties. Can get more or less spicy, to the will of the customer. The Bifanas the Burriqueiro (€4) are grilled and take cheese and bacon. Among the appetizers the most popular, by difference, are the Sausages of nettle, which can serve cut in pieces, with pickles and olives (€5), or whole, accompanied with fried potatoes, egg and pickles (€7).

In the aftermath of the period in which the manager lived in the U.S. we serve the Reuben Sandwiches (€5), typically american, and baptized with the name of the chef that invented it. Come on rye bread, with pastrami and cheese semi-melted on top. It is, still, followed, the tradition of the craft smashed burgers, there are Burgers to Burriqueiro (€5), home made and crushed at the time. In the field of drinks, the strong point of the Tavern Burriqueiro (Rua Emídio Navarro, 162, Luso. Tel. 231 930 249) are the beers, with great emphasis to the Bohemias.

The doors open at 11: 30, and only close at 02h00, a week, and 04.00 to weekends and eve of public holiday (Monday closed). This means that there is a map to the peaks of affluence, can happen at any time, but there are reports of long hours of petiscadas…

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