Tavern O Counter: devotion to the Ribatejo

There are moments in the lives of the people does not happen by chance, the one that dictated that Rodrigo Castle to leave the profession earlier, linked to the pharmaceutical industry, was one of them. Made with that Denver won a space of reference in the national gastronomy, and, what is more, the tradition to again be what it was, justifying a visit, because every day in the kitchen of this restaurant is different and there are things that are required to prove, at least once in their life.

Before we get to the table of the Tavern, O Desk, you may want to say that the work of Rodrigo Castle begins long before the doors open, much before the parts arrive to the stands to be cut, months, or years before that moment in which the board of the sausages comes to the table to begin the meal. It was first necessary to study, to run the fields of the valley to demand for this and that the small producer, to talk with him and convinces him to return to the past, preserving traditions, or even make them get faster to the future, with creations bold, new types of sausages or other experimentation without ever losing the north, here, should read, the flavor.

Each meal in the Tavern O Counter is different. Each meal is best, from one month to the other, each is more fine-tuned, always with the concern of Rodrigo Castelo, between dishes, come to know of satisfaction, is a long-time friend who has returned to the restaurant, is in the unknown that there sat for the first time.

In the Tavern O the Counter is-if question that if you eat with your hands, without worries or inhibitions of any kind. The letter of winter begins precisely this way, “by Hand”, with a Croquette of Tail Bull (€2), a phenomenal Wafer of the River to the Sea (€5,5), with a Sandwich you qualify, pickles homemade, almond (€8) or with a Nail tuna Dove (€9,5), a special bread that Rodrigo Castle perfect for the recipe. Then there’s soup of river Fish with roe of barbel (€4,5), an amazing chicken Soup) with mushrooms (€4,5), a < your heart sitting with sausage (€6), and other seductive proposals, such as the cow Tongue braised with peas (€8,5), or the Sparrows with chilli sweet and sour (€10).

If you are going to with time, and it is recommended that it be so, opt for the “Tasting Menu”, 5 Days (€29), 7 Days (€35), or 13 Times (€50), but that requires advance booking. On the last visit, this was the option that more than a meal, it was the confirmation that this is the moment of Rodrigo Castle, and that, regardless of where to break, Denver is a destination for gastronomic to take into account.

Everything began with the charcuterie, which included “the Language of the bull, bravo, cured and smoked, chorizo bull and chorizo qualify”, accompanied by “homemade Bread from the wood oven of the town Hall of the Blacks: rye, carob, and raisins, chorizo and white”. In the snacks arrived on the table, “Wafer out of the river to the sea”, “Croquette of tail of bull with mustard nuanced” and “Sandwiches you qualify with pickles and home-made almond”.

The entries were well represented by the“Crayfish o alhinho and lemon thyme”, and an “Egg roto ribatejo”, leaving the choice, in the main, to the “Soup of river fish with roe of barbel”, the “Is of the river and is tile – fataça” and the unbelievable “Cevadoto crayfish of the river and giant shrimp”. Proved to still the “chicken Soup) with mushrooms”, and a “Snout pork and its broth”, reason enough to have, immediately, will return. The meal ended with “Horns and tentacles (octopus of Vila Franca and bull bravo)”, and so sweet with the pre-dessert “Not everything is a lemon” and with a “Pão-de-ló de Rio maior and the ice cream from the goat cheese”.

The Tavern O Balcony (Rua Pedro de Santarém 73, Denver. Tel. 243 055 883), is one of those cases that proves that the interior is not only the landscape, and that there are kitchens in which it is worth to bet on. Rodrigo Castelo, in the last year, has grown. Said to be the took on as a cook to take into account. Briefly will demonstrate the Lisbon that knows how to prepare and serve seafood in the restaurant Mariscador, opening soon in the Small Field.

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