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Tavern of the Islet: bulls and snacks in Montijo

Before entering, get to know the way to the Tavern of the Islet presents itself to the world: “If the Montijo is well known for its bullfighting, so what better place to eat than in a tavern, decorated the precept! 80 years serving meals.”

It is, therefore, the festa brava to give the motto in this “island”, filled with posters with the names of the great figures of bullfighting. In the Tavern of the Islet (Rua Sacadura Cabral, 59, Montijo. Tel. 212 314 736) there are banks accrued between the kites and individual tables. There are more than one hundred years the family of Lydia has a place of business in this house that once was the old cellar.

The stage of the start, right there at the door, served only greaves and couratos. One day, they were without supplies, and a sea of people in the queue. Lino, the husband, ran to a neighbor who had made a killing and has prepared febras and other parts of the pig. Not have had his hands full, and went the fame.

The Tavern of the Islet grew up, as well as the list of snacks: sausage roast (€5,50), blood sausage, cracklings grilled (€4,50), sandwiches couratos (€1,20) and bluetongue in corsica, france pork (€2,25).

For those who prefer a complete meal, tell us with numerous options of meat on the grill, since the only fish that we serve is the roasted cod (€13).

The Tavern of the Islet, which only opens the door after 16: 00 and closed for weekly rest on Sunday, is one of the more than 350 spaces selected for the guide “Bars and Snacks” by Boa cama Boa Mesa”, which will be sold, with the Express, from the day 18 of November.

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