Tavern Preciosa: 30 snacks in the round robin the two times

The location may not be the most pleasant. It is not in the middle of a field, with fresh air, close to nature, nor does it have a stunning view to the river or to the sea. But, as soon as you pass through the gate, the Tavern, The Precious, in Lumiar, transports the visitor to a scenario quite different, which highlights the relaxed atmosphere, the friendly service and tasty food, in doses well assessed.

The Tavern-The Precious (the Street of Lumiar, 39, Lisbon. Tel. 217 571 701) opened for about 7 years and, since then, is known by the Caster of snacks (€18,50, with dessert and coffee). The indecision about what to order, you hardly open the menu, it’s a feeling familiar to almost everyone. In this tavern, the caster brings to the table a selection of the best hot and cold snacks, a meal divided into two moments, so that you can enjoy more than 30 different dishes.

The first suggestions to come are the cold. Tell with options very diversified, not only in the recipes petisqueiro national, such as the octopus Salad, a Salad of cod with peas, Samosas vegetable, green tea, or shrimp, Eggs, goat cheese, stuffed with orange, Salmon tempura, Carpaccio of Veal, cooked Shrimp, Croquettes of duck, among many others.

Already in the hot dishes, the recipes are many, but the Portuguese tradition continues to dominate. There are Peixinhos da horta, fried Cuttlefish, Cheese, breaded, Peppers padrón, angry Bull grilled, Chips potatoes, game Sausage grilled, Curry moelas thai and much more.

Before I finish, save room for dessert, as there are several options appetizing. The council is divided between the Duo of apple and the Crunchy limoncello. If it is adept of tastes very sweet, risk is on the Crunchy almond.

If before you prefer just one dish (€15, with bread, olives, coffee and dessert) out of the Caster of Snacks, you know that there are several options on the menu. Meat tell with Naco veal to the mirandese, Steak with mustard sauce, and Steak for the Precious, among others. Regarding the fish, you can opt for fish Fillets-cock, the Bacalhau à minhota, or even the fried Cuttlefish.

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