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Tavern The Laranjinha: summer at the table in Covilhã

By this time, already there is no doubt that the Tavern The Laranjinha is a location unavoidable, in that the gastronomy is concerned, in Covilhã. The space where the traditional flavors are presented with approaches to daring and unusual, it is already part of the itinerary of a trip to the Serra da Estrela, whether before or after the rise, with snacks or meals from the comfort.

Contrary to the popular maxim that in the menu that wins does not move, Ricardo Ramos and the team of kitchen of the Tavern, The Laranjinha decided to bring in reinforcements and prepare for a season warm and full of new flavors, without losing the region of the horizon. The entry into force of the new charter with a dinner wine (€20), Tuesday, June 5, from there, to a large part of the proposals become available. The food does not come alone, there are wines from the Quinta of the Terms of Beira Interior to go with it.

Today the feast is done with the “Salad of Pickled Partridge and Cherries”, a “Bisque of Crustaceans” and a “Leg of Lamb Braseado the Low Temperature in Red Wine and Aromatics”. For dessert there’s “Pudding Abade regional egg with Green Apple Sorbet”, accompanied by “Crackers, Beer da Covilhã”. In the cup, will be served the wines Fifth of the Terms of Beira Interior, starting with the harmonization, a “Riesling 2017”, followed by a “Rosé 2016”, a “Selection 2014”, and to the end a “Crop Selected 2008” and a “Late Harvest Passito 2012”.

As for the new letter, continue to make Candy“Sausages”, the “Trout escabeche”, the “Eggs ruptured”, “” sausage” and the “Pastel de sauce da Covilhã”, are now entering suggestions fresh, to match with the heat expected to not take to arrive. There is, in the new proposals, “cold Soup of melon and cucumber” and “Grissino, Ham Serrano”, as well as “scrambled Eggs with sausage, asparagus and mint”, a “Nail in a loaf of fresh tuna”, with a sauce of mustard and orange, a “Salad Oceania”, which mixes lettuce, smoked salmon, shrimp in a sauce calypso, sorrel, glassworth, and red onion.

As for the proposals more consistent, that is, of the charter of lunch or dinner, the Tavern, The Laranjinha presents a new “Cod confit in olive oil, with mashed chickpeas, coulis of red pepper and olives, “Duck Breast sautéed with a sauce of cherries”, a “Taco fresh tuna in a crust of sesame”, with quinoa salad and roasted vegetables sauce of citrus and soy. To finish, there is still a “Leg of Lamb braseado the low temperature in red wine and aromatics”. The average Price per meal: €20.

Remember that the name of The Laranjinha comes from a popular game. Associated with the tavernas, played on a rectangle open on the floor, flanked by tables in wood. Playing with six big balls, and a smaller one, called “laranjinha”. The goal was to hit with the bigger balls in the “laranjinha”, accumulating points. The Tavern The Laranjinha (Rua 1º de dezembro, 18 , Covilhã. Tel. 275 083 586) closed Saturday lunch and Sunday all day.

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