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Tea house of Boa Nova: the lighthouse and gastronomic of Rui Paula

To the front there is only a chapel, the ocean is indomitable, and the line of the horizon. The framing of the restaurant Tea House of Boa Nova is so beautiful that not even the poet António Nobre was indifferent. Its verses were written to a rock and was also on the rocks that built this restaurant, awarded with a Golden Fork by the Guide ” Boa cama Boa Mesa, in 2018.

Signed by the Pritzker Siza Vieira, this building’s avant-garde 1963 is a National Monument. It is situated next to the Beach of Boa Nova, in Leça da Palmeira, and turns the meals in the Tea House of Boa Nova (tasting menus from €90, with the possibility of pairings of wines) also on experiences of architecture odd, attracting enthusiasts from around the world.

The chef Rui Paula is up to the challenge and prepares menus that are as memorable as the design of the restaurant Tea House of Boa Nova. A sparkling wine from Dão is the one chosen to open the palate, while bare loaves of bread with the infusion of seaweed and mussels, butter, nori seaweed, and various snacks, with an emphasis to the Wafer almond with liver of anglerfish and fig jam, and the nice touch of smoke left the end…

The Cream brulé sea urchin is a sea voyage intense and full of flavor, and the Cream of mushroom with agnoli, a kind of ravioli stuffed with potato smoked, serves in a porcelain in the shape of a mushroom. The two greetings that open the way to the excellent Monkfish, hazelnut and champagne. Protein comes with a plate of pork on top, textures of hazelnut and caramelized the crispy onions, which adds sweetness to the moment.

In the restaurant Tea House of Boa Nova, the meal continues from eye on the waves, that fustigam the rocks without pity. We serve good wines, such as Necklaces, Widow Gomes 2014 and the tinto douro Bastard 2016. All the suggestions are explained, and the letter includes more than 50 references to the cup. In the Snapper, tapioca and mussels, one sees stones and sand under a glass, calling for a “beach”. The following is the Brill, a suggestion of fun, made of textures, sweet corn – as a popcorn with plankton -saltiness of the nori seaweed, and the acidity of the ginger, which was included in the sauce of the roast.

Succeeding to the version of the traditional “Romeo and Juliet”, here with ice cream guava and cheese, arrives late Harvest. This dessert refers to the wine Late Harvest Petit Manseng, produced by Gonçalo Sousa Lopes. Based on the aromas of the reference, thought a fresh that include pecan, worked the grape and join textures of honey. More a pearl to enhance the Tea House of Boa Nova

It is the sound of the sea that if you have the petit fours, to give more taste to the letter of the cafes. The sweets come in a cart and are solved with some “theater”: watch the boats navigate in the box of the Discoveries, and make your choice. The last snack can serve well in the kitchen, with a tawny pouring a small kite… it Is the high kitchen of the Tea House of Boa Nova (Avenida da Liberdade, Leça da Palmeira. Tel. 229 940 066) the “humanize yourself”. The creative Rui Paula plays with the surprise and just makes it all the more interesting.

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