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That Creature is this? Is the new restaurant of the Verride Palace Santa Catarina

After a soft opening at the end of last year, the Verride Palace, Santa Catarina, in Lisbon, which has already enjoyed a location the greatest even to the side of the viewpoint of the Northwind, he decided to open the doors to the city and add to the supply of luxury more a novelty: a bar and restaurant with a soul typical lisbon, to the alfacinhas and the others (tourists), with menu and prices friends and a relaxed environment that aims to prove that the hotel restaurants can also be spaces of conviviality unpretentious and accessible to all.

In the arcades of the hotel, which once served as the warehouse to the palace of the EIGHTEENTH century, he dressed the space, and washed her face and created the Creature, a bar and a restaurant alluding to the mostrengo neighbor, the protagonist of the great storms that you went through the Portuguese navigators, to eat the hours, and out of them with a drink or snack without commitment on the terrace attached to one of the poles of greater movement of the city – the Northwind.

After the restaurant go up, on the last floor of the hotel, a bet on the concept of fine dining, with two tasting menus inspired by the panoramic view of the room, the chef Bruno Carvalho, who went by the Quinta das Lágrimas and the Hotel Tivoli, both in Coimbra and gained more experience in New York city, São Paulo, and the Seychelles, has accepted the challenge of creating a menu of lighter and more traditional with references to meals and snacks the most emblematic of Portuguese gastronomy and that is the brand image of this brand new Creature.

The list of entries is generous in appetizers for that can poke different copies of the traditional Portuguese cuisine, as is the case of the cheese board or sausages (€18), of croquettes of suckling pig or shrimp with chilli and garlic (€6), which may accompany a salad of lentils with curd and lime (€12) or complete the tempura crab soft shell with wakame and cucumber (€13).

At lunch time, and until April, the executive menu is €15, with a right of entry, the plate fixed to the journal (which can be “arroz de cabidela”, “feijoada” or “cozido à portuguesa”), dessert and a glass of wine.

It’s worth going with time to see calmly the collection Portrait of the photographer as the british Bridget Jones (yes, it is coincidence) and that integrates with the booty private Joe Berardo. The restaurant Creature (Santa Catarina Street, 1, Lisbon. Tel. 211 573 055) is open all day between noon and midnight, with a weekly closure on Monday.

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