The Algarve: the art of fish in the eight restaurants

Are eight, but could be many more. The Algarve is a privileged region for abundant tables and full of the flavour of the sea. The rocky zone of Sagres up to the hot sands of the Sotavento follow the route of the best restaurants and seafood restaurants, from the selection developed for the guide “Restaurants & Terraces” on sale now (reserve your copy through the Store Express). From barnacles to oysters not to mention clams, cockles, shrimps and carabineros, fish is an art in the Algarve.

Ribeira do Poço
It is, by many, dubbed as the cathedral of the notice (or goose barnacle, as it is said by this zone). Where in time there was an old haystack, there’s a museum where you can linger the memories of other times. On the terrace of the banks of the Pit, take the time to travel through the past, accompanied by a snack of regional. There are mussels, limpets and barnacles caught by the shellfish of the earth.
Rua Ribeira do Poço, 11, Vila do Bispo. Tel. 282 639 075

The Kiosk at the Auction
Opens very soon at around 7: 00 in the morning, to give the “mata-bicho” to the fishermen, who end up leaving the freshest fish and shellfish at auction there to the side. It is frequent to see them pass with some snacks inside the bucket direct to the grid, where it will be cooked by experienced hands. It is a simple space to remember a real tavern, where we glimpse the typical movement of the fish auctions of fish. What there is of the labor came first, with a freshness enviable, with some of the seafood still alive and ready to be built. Note the simple way as the grid prepares seafood, but let yourself be seduced by the preparations that the kitchen, in the traditional way, does get to the table. Does not accept cards.
Dock Fishing, Lakes. Tel. 282 764 048

Seafood Restaurant Rui
In the summer, take a deep breath while waiting your turn, with the certainty that the quality of the supply of Seafood restaurant Rui everything is justified. Ask an imperial for help quench the thirst and the time. The list of marine products is long and varied, as well as the supply of fresh fish from the algarve coast. The specialties of the house include, in addition to the expected shrimp, razor clam, razor-fish, lobster, clams, crab and casseroles mixed. Whenever available, bet on cockles (€12) or in the canilhas (€14). To share family, a shoe cabinet (€30/kg) is always an option, as well as variations of mariscadas.
Rua Comendador Vilarinho, 27, Silves. Tel. 282 442 682

The Brewery Vilamoura
The privileged location, near the Marina of Vilamoura, making it the meeting point of locals and tourists. The terrace of the Brewery Vilamoura is one of the attributes of the house. The tank at the entrance attests to the freshness of the seafood served. Oysters, prawns in garlic, shrimp with chorizo sausage black pepper and clams ” bulhão Pato (€16) are some of the suggestions, even if it should bet in the specialties of the house: ironing Board, 3 tigers (2 to 4 people), cataplana and seafood rice, seafood (€55).
Avenida Tivoli, Edificio Moura Praia, Vilamoura. Tel. 289 323 671

Snack Bar Tico Tico
In a residential area secluded and little tourist, this is a house mandatory. The choice is the showcase, where the shellfish are exposed. Of the barnacles to the places, passing by the shells, by the traditional colhões cuttlefish (roe), shrimp, crabs, and spider crab, you can also count on other snacks. The beer is served in a mug and metal, for finish, nothing better than a preguinho.
Rua das Laranjeiras, 2, Quarteira. Tel. 289 313 126

Crossing the bridge, quickly feel the aroma of grilled fish (they say there’s a secret that that is one of the most famous terraces of the Algarve. The best clams of Ria Formosa are in the Gigi’s, as well as other shellfish, with emphasis on the carabineros. Works only for lunch (the dinner only if you serve upon appointment) and is a space that lives and breathes from the figure of Gigi, famous for its hospitality, friendliness and good disposition.
Quinta do Lago beach, Quinta do Lago. Tel. 289 394 481

Seafood Restaurant Fialho
Even on top of the ria Formosa, in the small town of Luz de Tavira and next to a residential neighborhood that passes totally unnoticed, the Seafood restaurant Fialho is not a space that strives very much to please in matters beyond food. And it’s good that this is so. The menu is extensive and essentially dedicated to the fish and local seafood. Everything that if you are looking for when you go to a seafood restaurant can be found here, at prices that allow for a few extravagances. As the sea rice takes about a half hour to prepare, give time to entertain. The showcase at the entrance came the bellies of tuna, a serving of cockles and another of razors. In the summer it is mandatory to make a reservation.
IN 1339, 1090, AND Luz de Tavira. Tel. 281 961 222

The house of the Church
This house boasts the title of the best place to eat oysters in the Algarve. The view to the island of Tavira is, in itself, an asset to this place. The menu is made of appetizers, and nothing more! Are served oysters, obviously, but there are also other shellfish, such as cockles, clams, shrimps, among others. Choice, without losing time, one of the tables on the terrace to enjoy during the afternoon and evening hours.
The street of Cacela Velha, 2, Cacela Velha. Tel. 965 891 240

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