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The Avillez has opened a Cabaret!

It is not allowed to take pictures. The warning is given as soon at the door of the Alley, Cabaret, Gourmet , and who think sharing images of the environment of glamour, mystery and sophistication of this space, inspired by the years 20 and years 50, you don’t have to create expectations. What goes on inside of the Beco do Avillezis located inside the Alley Avillez. Ensures that there is a unique environment, behind a hidden notch, the music, animation and spectacle, only for those who have a ticket. After the show maintains the environment, and making the space in an almost private bar. The food, this presents the proposed signature of one of the prestigious names of the national gastronomy.

In the letter, in the Alley, Cabaret Gourmet, there are the famous olives explosive of José Avilez, but here with a lump of dark chocolate and cumin. There is a pink edible soon to begin and a cornetto of crab and algae. The pizza, amazing how almost everything created by José Avillez, is thetum spicy and the ceviche de gamba da costa comes full of flowers with honey yuzo. And there is also a new dish on the line of the famous Chicken of the Golden Eggs of the Belcanto. In the Alley Cabaret Gourmet is the chicken of the eggs of silver. Altogether there are 12 the gastronomic moments provided.

To enter in this mysterious world of chef José Avillez is going through the Neighborhood Avilez, the project that opened recently in the number 18 of the New Street of Trindade in Lisbon. In the background, after you pass by the grocery store, by the manteigueria, by the tavern and the Patio, there is a passage hidden, to an environment inspired by the Cabaret Maxim, who worked in Praça da Alegria, until 2011. It was founded in 1908 by the great-great-grandfather of the chief, his name Joseph Ereira. As in the Alley, Cabaret Gourmet, in addition to a restaurant, a bar, had performances of music, dance and game. To elevate the experience to the level that José Avillez has accustomed the customers, the décor was the responsibility of Ana Anahory and Felipa Almeida. Joana Astolfi signs the details creative and Henriette Arcelin is the one who came up with the mural that was painted by Patricia Braga.

The shows are presented always before or after dinner. On Fridays and Saturdays serves at a table at the Alley Cabaret Gourmet from 19.30 to 21: 45 hrs and from 22 hours to midnight. On other days the time is from 20: 30 at 22h45. Each ticket entitled the dinner costs €130 per person. Over the counter, are $ 100 without drinks. There are only 37 seats on 12 tables and four at the counter. The machines are at the door, the atmosphere, the spectacle, the food and the rides, these are in memory of whom there is. Already now, the marks of lipstick on the napkins are part of the experience.

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