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The azores: 10 restaurants to visit in Terceira island

With the arrival of low cost flights, together with a greater ease of access through the regular flights, with SATA to make available the so-called flights of routing inter-islands, the Third has gained a new momentum and more and more tourists. Seconds to the latest data, the Third was the island of the Azores, with the largest growth in the number of passengers, with an increase of almost 40 % (from November 2016 to April 2017), in relation to the previous year. Also in the nights, the island had an increase of 63 % in 2016. For all these reasons, there is nothing better than knowing the route Good Bed Good Table of the best restaurants in the Third.

Beira Mar
In St. Matthew, within walking distance of Angra do Heroísmo, the restaurant Beira Mar is one of the classic must have for those who are looking to eat the best fish and seafood of the island. With an inviting terrace next to the fishing port there is nothing better than feel, also in the dish, the freshness of the daily offering (except on Monday, which closed for the rest of the friendly team). Limpets and barnacles are mandatory, since the fish from the soup to the grill, depends on the generosity of the sea. Accompany with the wine of the Biscuits. PM: €15.
The port of São Mateus, Angra do Heroísmo. Tel. 295 642 392

Q. B. – Food Court
A beautiful multi-purpose property, which highlights the main house, the restaurant Q. B. – Food Court is divided into two areas (as well) different. On the ground floor, with terrace and garden, playground, serves light meals, while on the upper floor, only to dining, you come to the table a cuisine well prepared, and signed by the young chef, Paul Lawrence. It is, perhaps, the most elegant of the restaurants of the island, with attentive service and proposals, sometimes bold, but well-acted, that recreate the recipes azores, with techniques and contemporary presentation. PM: €25.
The Middle path of São Carlos, 50, Angra do Heroísmo. Tel. 295 333 999

Tasca das Tias
It is the fashionable restaurant, in Terceira island. In the centre of Angra, was born from the idea of a group of friends who, after a successful adventure in dining in the regional events, he decided to open this restaurant. With modern furniture and a pleasant inner courtyard, the Tavern of the Aunts is a space where you bet on the food of comfort, with the proposed regional, presented in a contemporary way. It also suggests the sharing of snacks, which can be the boards of the ham, cheeses and regional sausages to the eggs ruptured. Taste the limpets and divide the woodpecker and the greaves. Finish off with the excellent the nail to the Aunts. PM: €15.
Rua de São João, 117, Angra do Heroísmo. Tel. 295 628 062

The Sale of Ti Manel da Quinta
The Fifth Hammer is defined as a resort and cultural. So, here you will find not only tourist accommodation as various evidence living of rurality, culture and history of the island. Now, a restaurant in this location could only present the best of the gastronomy of the singer. On the ground floor, drink a few glasses and eat some snacks. Rise, then the stairs for a meal party, in a room well-put, to the old, with many products from the own farm. From fish Soup to Octopus to Singer, passing by alcatras (in the oven) fish or various meats, there is no lack at the table, the sausage, the blood sausage, the yam and the sweet potato. The cheese is always right in the end of the meal, even though there are various candy tempting. PM: €25.
The fifth of the Hammer, Canada Hammer, 24, São Francisco das Almas. Tel. 295 642 842

If it is meat you are looking for, then the restaurant at the Pen is the right place for an unforgettable experience. And, when speaking of the flesh, we speak of the best meat of the island, served in a steak, with two versions (the “House” is actually a cutlet of veal), succulent meat and in the traditional Rump. To begin with, there is nothing better than sharing a Platter regional, where there are many cracklings, sausage, black pudding and sauce of the liver. The Hand of the cow is also part of the menu. The space was recently renovated for the comfort of the visitors. PM: €15
To The Prey, 13 (Regional Road), Altars. Tel. 295 989 162

Pier Cove
Logo to the side, as the name itself indicates, is the old wharf, now transformed into a marina. The terrace of the restaurant Cais de Angra sees the hustle and bustle of the boats coming in and out, perfect location for an aperitif, especially with good weather. Inside, in the huge glass room, pays homage to the products of the sea but also the land, in particular the beef produced in the Azores. Start with a few limpets, always fresh grilled with sauce of butter and then try the steak, fried with garlic and peppers. Have a letter more in the account at lunch time. At dinner, let him take you on bolder proposals. PM: €15.
Marina de Angra, Angra do Heroísmo. Tel. 295 628 458

It Chôa
Family project, the restaurant It Chôa occupies a rural house, well restored, with a simple décor and modest. Everything, starting by the name, is a tribute to the History of the Azores, who displays with pride. The rump of beef, wood-fired oven is essential, but the best is to follow the advice of one who serves and go for a tasting menu, where proof black pudding being made there (such as the bread to Friday) served with an orange, greaves of the stem and the sauce of the liver. To end the sweet vinegar and the sweet of the convent made for the queen D. Amélia in a visit to the island, and that was with the name. PM: €20.
Grota of the Daisy ER (1-1), Serreta. Tel. 295 906 673

The kitchen of the Snail
The dining room of the restaurant Kitchen of the Snail will be the subject of changes in the course of this year, but the letter will not come out the traditional recipes that have already won several awards to this hotel unit. When completed the room will look bigger, but light, with the best views to the sea and the Monte Brasil. The bet continues to be the excellence of the products used in the recipes, he insists, comfort, always with international proposals, as this is a destination increasingly sought after by tourists. Is based on the service of a competent head of the room, perfect counselor of the famous wines of the Azores. Sundays tell with a plentiful breakfast of the family. PM: €20.
Hotel do Caracol, Largo da Silveira ER (1-1), Angra do Heroísmo. Tel. 295 402 600

Flavors of the Chef
It is a space discrete, but well decorated and comfortable. With the open kitchen, the chef Paulo Meneses transforms the best regional products in dishes with modern presentation and, sometimes, daring. At lunch, in the restaurant Flavors of the Chef is more menus in the account, with the creativity to focus on the dinner service. Some pampering of the head arrive at the table even before the entries, which can vary from limpets to the black pudding. The supply of fish is quite extensive and includes casseroles, rice, meat and even curry, in addition to offering daily arrival of the sea. Risottos and folders are also included in the letter of the restaurant. PM: €25.
Estrada 25 de Abril, 31, Quinta dos Morgados, Praia da Vitória. Tel. 295 512 876

R3 Restaurant
The R3 Restaurant joins three different concepts of restoration within a modern building, with varied offerings of pastas, salads and soups, seafood restaurant and brewery and is still a concept and gourmet enogastronómico. In the healthy option is all freshly prepared, in front of the client, in the area of seafood serves up only the best that the sea of the Azores can offer, without forgetting the traditional steaks with the tender local beef and some proposals with tradition. In the Gourmet space they serve, the products and the local cuisine in an innovative way, and even with spices of all time. PM: €20.
Boavista, 40, Praia da Vitória. Tel. 295 513 878

NOTE: THE “Boa cama Boa Mesa traveled at the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce of Angra do Heroísmo , in the framework of the eighth edition of the Gastronomy Festival of Terceira Best Food Awards.

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