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The best restaurants in Odeceixe to Sagres

Of the you know the burgers are going a long distance, but in to 59.2 Km drive from Odeceixe to Sagres, in the Algarve less given the crowds, there are options for all tastes that will not forget the fish and the fresh seafood which there abound, or light snacks between dives refreshing.

Tavern of Gabon
When we are faced with a compliment by the way in which we eat the fish, leaving only the spines – it is a sign of that here if you appreciate the respect for the raw material. Naturally, by location, in the friendly Odeceixe, a large part of the customers are foreigners and as such, somewhat averse to the viscera and other parts that are not the loins. A waste. Therefore, apart from the selection of daily freshly caught fish and other delicacies that highlight the quality of local products, such as bean and whelk stew, and the roasted cod, in the Tavern of Gabon there are also options of beef, such as loaf of bullock to the French and the carne de porco à alentejana. Average price: €15.
The street of Gabon, 9, Odeceixe. Tel. 282 947 549

Brewery Sea
As strange as it may seem – and it does! – has never been very easy to find more than a couple of good fish restaurants in Aljezur. The proximity of the coast was here sprout like mushrooms, but only this year is that the supply began to compose. The Brewery Sea came, precisely, to mend the fault, and brought to the centre of the village a house that honors the raw material from the sea and the fishing tradition of the region. The owners have opted to flee to the name seafood restaurant so as not to scare away customers, accustomed to the inflated prices of some of the competition and wanted to do justice to the name of the house added to the menu a range consisting of craft beers, the Portuguese, as the Two Ravens, the Skimpy, the Praxis and the Muse, which marry perfectly with the proposals of the menu. To snack, there are barnacles, snails (one of the specialties of the house), shrimp and fried prawns, whelks, clams (price for kg) and the woodpecker. Meals more complete, and whenever possible, to two people, they require to dispose the fork to the cataplana partridge and lobster, the sea rice, or the masada seafood. Like good beer that is, it includes the passage by the classic bitoque and burger on the plate. It is recommended, still, the curry prawns, which here is done with a mixture of spices, as it should be, and the seafood the freshest. Average price: €20.
Street School, 13, Aljezur. Tel. 282 994 155

Sector B
When a German decides to add a hamburgueria artesanal to the gastronomic offer of Aljezur, there were those who twisted the nose (“one more?”) and who knocked him palminhas of happiness just by the mere fact of having more of a novelty in the land. In may, when it opened to the public, the Sector B surprised both of the factions to announce that the bread would be made daily in house and the meat of the burgers mixed and moulded to the hand. It is not common to offer so much dedication to a loaf of bread with meat, say to the reader, but Mark Seitler refuses to do things any other way. And the truth is that it has harvested the fruits of both efforts with customers to return multiple times during the same week. In the menu, there are eight varieties of burger (all with 150 g of meat), one of which is a sense of praise for the neighbouring region of the Alentejo, with chorizo and a fried egg (€7,90). For those who like spicy, the Spicyburger, with bacon and cheddar cheese (€7,5) will always be required, as well as the vegetarian (€6), made on the base of grain, for those who do not align on the animal protein. During the day are also bifanas, salads and dogs, ideal for those who come to the beach in the middle of the day or for a dinner real quick before the bar open with cocktails and spirits as always, and good music to accompany. Average price: €15.
Batch, Urbanização Vale da Telha, Aljezur.

La Sardine
The path from the beach of Arrifana, junctions and roundabouts can complicate the most skillful of drivers, especially when looking for a new restaurant, and whose address does not match GPS. To get to La Sardine, the bar of two venezuelans open since April, the easier it is to go by following the signs on the road that will announcing “brunch” and “natural juices” and eventually arrives there. And when it’s already cut to the left and to the right, and then two more laps to turn around there, come and have a bar of fruit juices with the suggestions made on time, very fresh and vitaminadas, it’s all good. In fact, the bar’s smoothies they also shakes, cafes, ice-cream, frappuccinos and, at night, from 23: 00, cocktails, fruity which do not stop rotating until 2h00. The menu consist only tips healthy thought for fans of the beach life and the sea, with the famous Bowls of vegetables, yogurt with fruit and granola, homemade, and vegetarian burgers. During the weekend there is brunch and only on those days if you serve the eggs Benedict, the pancakes with fruit and french toast. Of Venezuela, there are arepas, stuffed as the inspiration of the kitchen (the sardine is divine). Average price: €15.
The valley of Telha, Sector B, lote J, Aljezur. Tel. 910 790 587

With a view torn to the beach of Arrifana, the restaurant o Paulo is an oasis for lovers of the flavors of the sea and the sea itself. Paul, the fish and the view of the Arrifana. This could be a way of summarizing the concept of this restaurant. The panoramic, on the Port of Calheta and the Stone of the Needle, is only a further point in favour, although the stars of the house are the fresh fish and seafood. The mariscada Arrifana, with a selection of mussels, oysters, shrimp, crab, clam and razorfish, and the masada to Paul, which adds to the selection of fish freshest the lobster, the canavilhas and barnacles are two excellent options. In the summer, do not go without reservations! Average price: €25
Arrifana (near the Fortress), Aljezur. Tel. 282 995 184

The Site of the River
Don’t wait any longer (and this is a great virtue these days) than a simple space, with a honest kitchen and seafood and the freshest. So if it displays this small restaurant, located on the road connecting the famous Beach of Carrapateira. Do not become distracted with the excellent bread, which entertains with the salads, because the best is in the hands of Patrick Ferreira, the owner and the owner of the grid. Tell with fish of the day, many fished from the cliffs of the Costa Vicentina, very well accompanied by baked potatoes with a special sauce. At the restaurant, The Site of the River there is also a good offer of seafood, that deserves to be appreciated. Average price: €25.
The road to the Beach of Bordeira, Bordeira, Aljezur. Tel. 282 973 119

Until recently it was called the L-Cholesterol , and for many years it was a mandatory stop for anyone passing through the Carrapateira looking for a calm which is not always easy to find on the Costa Vicentina. This year, there is little more than a month, resolved the issue and the house is called, now, Cato. Remained the space, the decor and, above all, the intention to create a kitchen that rejects all types of processed foods or of unknown origin. The fish is to the shore, the flesh (the little that is in the menu) of certified producers, the bread is homemade and baked in the wood oven and the vegetables, fruits, eggs and herbs come from the organic vegetable garden which occupies the rear of the house. Fresh flavours and honest that do not align in facilitismos and that, therefore, if you remain faithful to the seasons and what the earth offers. For sting it is suggested the hummus with chips, tortilla, half undone octopus with beans, and the tortilla of the vegetable garden with caviar beet. For meals time-consuming, which should always happen on the terrace after a caipirinha or a glass of wine, the steak from a bull offers 300 grams of meat of the pasture, accompanied by roasted potatoes and grilled vegetables. For breaks, for lunch on a beach day, there are burgers-meat and vegetarian. Average price: €15.
Garden River, 8670-230, Carrapateira, Aljezur. Tel. 282 998 147

Tasca do Careca
Simple home and family that serves without ceremony and open-mouthed smile, and in various languages, such is the influx of curious tourists with this typical tavern. The tv brand the soundtrack of the room, especially at the time of the news, but the greater part of the customers is oblivious to the distraction, because there are more important things to merit attention, in particular that arrives to the table. The fish soup is a classic of the Tasca do Careca, but also happen that the dish day pass for a couple of chops with fried potatoes, which of common have very little, judging by the marinade and delicious sauce as well shave. Finish with the tarte locust bean gum, mandatory. Average price: €15.
Street the First of May, 4, Vila do Bispo. Tel. 282 639 478

Coffee Belt
Is there not here great claims, do not be to serve authentic food, tacho, full of flavors and tradition. There is also a time for haste, nor meals that take a long time. Here the things they want with calm and not make it another way. In the kitchen of the Coffee Belt is the owner of the house, in the living room the wife, who remains on the couch, the needles and lines, giving the signal that he receives each one as if it were (and is) in the house. Therefore, let us take you by the proposals of the day, that may be the chicken in tomatada or the rabbit to the Belt. It is recalled that, at a minimum, each of the dishes takes half an hour to prepare. Wine list competent to compliment the Algarve. Average price: €25.
Street 1.Th May, 4, Vila do Bispo. Tel. 282 639 127

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