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The best restaurants of Ericeira to Peniche

With the departure of Ericeira, still in the district of Lisbon, and the place of arrival to the municipality of Peniche, more precisely to Baleal, we chose the best restaurants to enjoy the summer eyes on the sea.

Tasca do Joel
Whether at lunch or dinner, the more certain is to find the full house. There are those who make hundreds of kilometres just to taste the proposed menu. In fact, the Tasca do Joel is a house that grew from the meeting point of the fishermen for a snack, serving only bread and wine and offering a wood-burning oven, to become a serious case of the restoration. The son of the owner, ran 1995, decides to pass through it to provide the snack and creates a letter with only chicken, short ribs, and cod, all of them cooked in the oven. The rest is history. Today is a national reference, with a superb location and an extensive menu of specialties, where, for example, stands the raia alhada. The gourmet shop, before the room, advancing numerous proposals of wines, cheeses and snacks. Average price: €20
Street Lapadusso, 73, Peniche. Tel. 262 782 945

The Seafood restaurant in Ribamar
Make it a point to mark the place and to say that this is the first seafood restaurant to reach the earth. And maybe that’s why The Seafood restaurant in Ribamar, Ericeira, if you hold the dedication to seafood and fish, and, with the showcase to have a presence at the entrance. In a space that is not very large, but quiet environment and the service fast and efficient, you bet a lot in seafood dishes for two people, as the sweat-soaked seafood, the seafood rice with lobster or the feijoada of seafood with lobster, but has also combined, such as the mariscada particular, the three flavors of the sea or the mariscada hot. Average price: €30
EN 247, 57, Ribamar, Mafra. Tel. 261 862 441

The restaurant of the Park
One of the gems of this restaurant are the “sequinhos” of fish (the way as before if it was the stew, but without the peppers). The confection comes from a time that the fishermen went out to sea but brought the fish are still lean, or, as they were called, dry. Today, the Restaurant of the Park is, among others, an unparalleled sequinho of black-crowned night heron. It is far from most tourist sites of Peniche, but today it is unavoidable for anyone looking (very) good fish dishes. The fish market is close by, and Miguel Kings do not play in service. Bet in the pot, yet which also guarantees a good grid. This form makes it mandatory on the proof of the soup rich of fish, to confirm that the perch is guaranteed to other choices, such as the fish stew, various pasta, the alfaquique fried with açorda de ovas, among many others. Don’t miss out and take to mouth the famous sequinhos, are streak, bream, grouper, or cantaril and ask for the reason of such a baptism. Average price: €20
Park on the Bulwark, Av. April 25, Peniche. Tel. 262 789 251

Sushi Fish
In only two years, it was assumed already as a space of reference in the road that takes tourists to the Baleal. Airy, simple but at the same time elegant, the Sushi Fish is one of the best places to eat fish, and the demand for a cosmopolitan clientèle as well the proves. The port of Peniche arrive in the freshest specimens, which are then masterfully transformed by the team of sushimen. Accompany the meal with one of the many national wines of the charter or with a gin and tonic also of the national production. Only serves lunch at weekends, betting on the night to show your work. Average price: €20
Avenida do Mar, 95-B, Ferrel, Peniche. Tel. 262 750 357

Esplanada Furnas
This restaurant, at sunset, it is like a postcard. Its location is really impressive. Located in the rock where are the caves, the terrace provides views over the beach and the ocean really magnificent, worthy of any film from the promotion of tourism. Decorated with nautical elements within and with a glass structure that lets not hide the scenario of the sea, has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, typical of a seafood restaurant. At the time of choosing, surely, the recommendation goes to the fish and seafood, grilling on the charcoal or the salt, but the cataplana and seafood dishes also deserve special attention. Average price: €20
Rua das Furnas, 2, Ericeira. Tel. 261 864 870

Nau dos Corvos
There is no escape, the location on the cliffs of cabo Carvoeiro, in front of the Berlengas, leaves any visitor without air. If, to follow the flair, the cuisine is in tune, so much the better. The restaurant Nau dos Corvos suggests, as one would expect, a menu based on fish and seafood, but not forgetting the steak, the chicken, the bull, the duck and the veal. However, the specialties passes through the stew, old-fashioned, with fish and shrimp of the season, the masada of fish and rice, and parrilhada seafood. The esplanade is an upgrade of the own restaurant, ideal for a stunning sunset. Average price: €15
Cabo Carvoeiro, Peniche. Tel. 262 783 168

Restaurant Noah
The fact that it is perched on the sands of the Beach, in Santa Cruz, I could fit Noah in the category of classic beach restaurant. Only that it is not. It is a restaurant perfectly urban, surprisingly elegant and with a menu to envy to the competition (inside and outside of the beach). The proximity to the sea explains, of course, the dedication to fresh fish and seafood from the coast, without forgetting, however, the meat dishes. On one side, the sea, arriving the octopus to lagareiro, the cataplana of fish and the carabineros grilled with creamy rice bulhão Pato. The other, which comes from the earth, there’s no escaping the t-bone with potato in the oven. There is a long list comprised of appetizers to share, a special children’s menu, vegetarian options, appetizers, and, just to refresh, a selection of waters flavoured. Average price: €20
Av. Atlantic 7, A dos Cunhados, Santa Cruz. Tel. 261 932 355

Restaurant South
Of the room, all in glass, or on the terrace, the view is over the Atlantic, with the sea breeze as company. João Paulo Rodrigues is the one who takes care of the kitchen, by selecting daily the best fish and seafood to bring to the table. At the end of the week, in the Restaurant in the South there is a tasting menu only for dinner, the rest of the days a letter extensive with the fish served grilled by experienced hands, or with shellfish, perfect as is the tradition. A good wine list. Average Price: €25
The park of Santa Marta Ericeira. Tel. 261864478

The Ship
It has a terrace great, even against the sea of the Beach of the Ship. During the day, the Ship works much like a bar and joins lots of new people around snacks and cups after the beach. At night, transforms himself and takes on more the aspect of the restaurant. Remain in memory the breaded octopus, to input, before going on to a stew or cataplana, mixed fish of the day. To the entry to see the options that the sea gave up the morning and, without major complications, go for the classic grilled on the grill, with potatoes and vegetables. There is a good range of wine by the glass, juices and cocktails. During the day, toasted sandwiches and hamburgers makes a meal more or less mild, with the sea in the background. Average price: €15
The beach of the Ship, Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras. Tel. 261 937 241

The sandy Beach Bistrot by Chakall
It is not common for a boss to choose the beach as a haunt for a restaurant. Not to be that this head has already explored the various aspects of the business, has been successful in all of them, and, therefore, decide to invest in new scenarios. It is the case of the Sandy Beach Bistrot by Chakall, parked in the praia da Areia Branca in Lourinhã. The chief argentine lover in close contact with nature, as indeed does know, brought to an area which is still relatively spared of tourists, a menu light that fills between the argentinean flavours and traditional Portuguese. Essentially dedicated to snacks, salads, toasted sandwiches and burgers, it is mandatory to stop at one of the empanadas of meat, in the lulinhas fries and joaquinzinhos with sauce tartar. To eat and follow to the beach, wraps and baguettes are the ideal option, always accompany it with a fruit juice, an imperial chilly or a glass of wine – you can always repeat to the end of the afternoon. Average price: €15
The road from the Beach, Praia da Areia Branca, Lourinhã. Tel. 261 414 182

Restaurant Sands of Pebble
In spite of the changes in the leadership of the kitchen, it keeps the basic concept of the kitchen sustainable, with a large part of the goods to be brought from the garden of the Hotel Areias do Seixo, awarded several times by the Guide “Boa cama Boa Mesa”. What happens to the table of the restaurant, affectionately calls “the dining experience made with love” and we confirm. Here the kitchen-with what the earth naturally gives and added to this one post mighty men of creativity that result in a tasting menu with nine moments, and a menu with à la carte options. The quail with leeks and mushrooms is a must, as well as the terrine of chicken with curgete and asparagus and the fish cooked in the wood fired oven. Average price: €30
The square of the Atlantic, Póvoa de Penafirme, A dos Cunhados. Tel. 261 936 340

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