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The canteen of the College: in the Azores, the “Nut pierced his peak” and the “Chicharro danced samba”

Opened in Ponta Delgada a new restaurant with a kitchen signature. The old “Beehive” was fully refurbished in January 2018. Has the name of the Canteen, because if you enter in the Hotel College, also the subject of major renovation, which reinforced the concept of boutique hotel. Opened the doors to the 25th of January, date that celebrates the “Day of Friends” in the Azores, and promises to introduce a new approach to the traditional cuisine of the archipelago, with a cuisine of signature in the context of sharing.

The space is familiar to micaelenses, by having been the abode of the restaurant The Beehive for 13 years. Critically acclaimed and with a cuisine style pioneer in the region, has always been a reference in the restoration in Ponta Delgada. About 15 years later, the change was imposed, opting for the complete renovation of the Hotel College.

The proposal of the restaurant is the Canteen of the School (Rua Carvalho Araújo, 39, Ponta Delgada. Tel. 296 306 600) is bold and innovative. The creations dining are creative, the letter is eclectic and the main role is given to the products and local traditions.

In this first letter of the restaurant the Canteen of the College you will find stories in the middle of the flavors, starting with “The Nut Stuck to the Peak” (€6), or may be, < your heart sitting with chorizo and octopus, and “Baits with Them, and He” (€6), composed of the liver of a bullock, cow tongue, potatoes and wine. Here are other dishes signature as “Chicharro and Squid in a Stew to the Rhythm of Samba” (€14), “Fish from Our Coast with Orange & Fennel” (15€), and ends with a “Crater Chocolate Lava Pineapple” (€7), which reproduces, in spectacular fashion, one of the natural phenomena, the most well-known of the island. Another option for dessert is the“Fifth Banana”, a delicious cake built with the less known, but very noble, banana of the Azores.

The team account with the extensive experience of Fernando Neves, ahead of the project, and presents the young chef de cuisine, Angelina Stone, Village-franquense gem, from early on linked to the field and to the natural products. Signs now this new project, leading a young team is restless, and that has the support of a well-equipped kitchen that allows them to serve with finesse and speed.

The decor of the restaurant is the Canteen of the College is very welcoming, jumping immediately to view the usage of noble woods, the color brown, the chairs cushioned. You can choose by the view of the street or the hotel’s swimming pool. There are huge windows that offer simultaneously a lot of light, but safeguarding privacy.

For now, the restaurant only serves dinner, with a la carte service, but will soon open also for lunch.

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