The day in which the King makes years!

It will be easy to imagine that, precisely on this day 15 of may, in the already distant year of 1947, there was no big party at number 17 of Avenue of the Restoration, in Mealhada. The times were hard, and after all, would not speak even of the restoration or the quality of good service. It is therefore more or less normal that the opening of a small tavern has been celebrated with a glass or two among friends.

The times, as we all know, have changed, or in the Country, whether in the mythical “Golden Mile”, the straight line from the centre of Mealhada where are concentrated most restaurants in Europe to serve the same specialty. And just like in the comic story a (already not so) small space resists and marks the difference between the offer of the restoration. The King of the Piglets is now 71 years old and unable, alone, to drag a whole region, a whole tradition and reattach the Mealhada in the center of the national gastronomy.

This year, when exceeding the seven decades of open doors, the King of the Piglets was, for the second time, awarded with a Golden Fork by the Guide “Boa cama Boa Mesa”, which places it as one of the best in Portugal. The weather dictated, but the initiative and the path taken by the current owner, Licínia Ferreira and by manager, Paulo Rodrigues, have made this space a serious case, also it a cause for celebration. There is a before and an after of the King of the Piglets. Must have been from 2011, which if left to go to Mealhada to eat suckling pig and went to go to the King of the Piglets.

Every year there are changes in this house. This year was the sea, which came to Mealhada, with a strengthening of the charter with the freshest products of the salt waters, without forgetting the freshness of the gardens and the countryside. From the modest tavern opened on the Day of the Ascension, today there are three new rooms, modern, with a exemplary service, and a modern kitchen, able to rival (and even envy), the much-starred restaurant in Portugal. And a wine cellar, that yes, with more than 3 000 references, hard to match.

To mark the arrival of Spring and warm days, the letter from the King of the Piglets changed. The office of the chief Carlos Fernandes, the menu behind flavors perfect for the days that you run, always keeping the already classic of the house. Aesthetically enjoyable, served with a accuracy impressive, the new dishes of the King of the Piglets make a toast to the ocean. There are fine products to come to the table, such as the Caviar, you know, glassworth, and celery (€19,47), or a combination of only policeman, pumpkin, radish and basil (€28,47), passing through the Scallop, avocado, hedgehogs, and chives (€13,47).

The chief Carlos Fernandes has created yet, always with a sense of freshness and the sea, three new fish dishes. There is now Brill, razor-fish, tomato and mint of the river (€28,47), Cod, broad beans, olives and coriander (€11,47), and sea Bass, watercress, cherovia and arugula (€26,47). Due to the proximity of the field, there were also the Kid with corn bread, rosemary and apple bravo de Esmolfe (€to be $ 24.47), the inevitable and recommended suckling pig, truffle, orange and carrot (€31,47), and even the Duck, foie gras, carrot and vanilla (€22,47). At the time of the sweets, the choice is made between Cheese, pumpkin, thyme and ginger (€11,47), and a version bold of the typical sweet of the convent of the region, the Morgado do Bussaco, with nuts, lime Kaffir and honey (€7,47) and still the Sericaia, plum, almond, and mint (€approximately 10.47).

Today we celebrate 71 years. But to the King of the suckling pigs, (Avenue of the Restoration, 17, Mealhada. Tel. 231 202 093), there is more than a birthday, a celebration of the rebirth of a house that, with certainty, is assumed with the legitimate right as one of the best national restaurants.

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