The Dinner of the Year: Four chiefs “subject to the noise”!

Balanced, traditional, tasty and wonderful, that is what the the chiefs promise to The Dinner of the Year, a unique dining experience where you join the table the regional cuisine and the excellent wines of Adega Mayor. The official proof of the dishes was held in the Museu Nacional dos Coches.

At the end of the presentation of the event OJantar of the Year, the Good Bed Good Table , and challenged the four bosses to withdraw the jaleca and the dress the fact of food critics. Vitor Sobral was creating Henrique Sá Pessoa of “balanced”. The head of the restaurant Soul, winner of a Golden Fork in 2017 presented a salmon cured with juice and nuts. Was harmonized with Adega Mayor Verdelho 2016. Vítor Sobral also said that “Henry had the product more difficult to work with. Do salmon for so many people, is not an easy thing and it was very well-done”.

Already John Rodrigues chose the word “tradition” to set the dish Just Noble. The head of the restaurant The Noble and the newly opened The Fair in the neighborhood Help in Lisbon, presented a soup rich bass to the Fair, which has harmonised with a Adega Mayor Selection 2016. João Rodrigues has also acknowledged that “the more traditional it is impossible”.

At the time of Henrique Sá Pessoa to evaluate the proposal of Vítor Sobral, the winner of the Career Award from the guide Boa cama Boa Mesa in 2016, the head of the Soul chose the word “flavor”. The proposal of the head of the Fish shop around the Corner is a tomatada of cod, sweet potato and mint, harmonized with a glass of Adega Mayor Caiado Rosé 2016. Sá Pessoa found that this dish is “a reflection of the cuisine of Vitor, very well thought out”.

The dish João Rodrigues, Chef of the Year in 2016 to the front of the Trading post, a Fork of Platinum of the guide Good Bed Good Table also in the same year, was classified by Fair Noble of “wonderful”. The veal cheeks, mushrooms and mashed trufado potato of João Rodrigues were presented with the Adega Mayor Reserva Red 2015.

The journalists Clara de Sousa and Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho teamed up with the event, The Dinner of the Year as ambassadors and were rendered to the creations of the chefs. Promoted by Let’s Help, an investment platform which supports social business, this dinner is held on the 11th of November, at the Convento do Beato (Rua Beato, 44, Tel. 210 109 923), has a cost of €45 per person-which reverts in full to support the initiatives of the Let’s Help.

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