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The Festival “Viseu a Star at the Table” gasket 10 heads in the heart of the Dão

From this Thursday, September 20, Viseu will be the gastronomic capital of the region of Dão. Inserted in the Feast of the Harvest of the city, and during the two days, the central square of Rossio receives the “Viseu Star at the Table” where 10 chefs, some with Michelin star, and with the Golden Fork awarded by the guide “Boa cama Boa Mesa will create a true gourmet restaurant open to the sky.

To show all the creativity of the chefs invited, in the Rossio will be installed six houses of wood, five occupied by the chief guests, and one last serving of “wine bar Give”, for the harmonization with the proposals of the guests. Each chef will prepare an entry (€4), a plate (€6) and a dessert (€2), based on a basket of 10 ingredients-the star of the region that includes the veal from Lafões, the bread of the County, the mushrooms and the feijocas.

The renowned chef Pascal Aussignac is one of the chiefs present at “Viseu Star at the Table”. Is the owner of the restaurant “Club Gascon”, in London, with a Michelin star since 2002. Also Louis Anjos, the chef responsible for the restaurant “Bon Bon”, in the Algarve, also with a Michelin star will be present. Diogo Rocha, ambassador of Viseu in the area of gastronomy and chef at the restaurant “Table Read”, Golden Fork in 2018 by the Guide ” Boa cama Boa Mesa, assumed the curatorship of the “Viseu Star at the Table” and will be one of the participants, as well as Vítor Matos, from the restaurant “Antiqvvm”, in Porto, that in addition to a Michelin star was also a Golden Fork in 2018 by the Guide Good Bed Good Table , and even Oscar Frost’s restaurant, “G”, in the Pousada de Bragança, also Golden Fork in 2018 by the Guide Good Bed Good Table.

On the second day of the leading role it is up to the heads of restaurants in the city of Viseu. Luís Almeida, restaurants, “Palace” and “qb Bistro”, Jean Eustache, of the Professional School Mariana Seixas and the IEFP, Hugo Marques, the Group Pruvor, Hermanta Rai, the restaurant “Nomiya”, and Diogo Pereira to the restaurant “the Tavern of the Milinha” are the guests. The “Viseu Star at the Table” takes place from 20 to 22 September, at Rossio square, between 19: 00 and 22: 00.

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