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The Gastropub: a modern brewery in Lagos

Fish, seafood, steaks and a selection of beers in the world. This is the simple definition of The Gastropub, one of the news the summer of the Cascade Wellness & Lifestyle Resort, located in Lagos. In September 2016, in an article entitled “Restaurant Senses: Build a lighthouse diner in Lagos” has already indiciava that the arrival of the new chief executive, Diogo Pereira, a native of the Algarve, had as objective to strengthen and raise the quality of the gastronomic offer of this hotel. Since that time were made new bets, and arrived the summer of 2018, the Cascade Resort is proud of its portfolio, with environments renovated, from the Senses to the Mundi, that makes the connection to the concept of the resort itself, divided into several wards, which are representative of the various continents.

Among the novelties of summer is The Gastropub: “a contemporary approach to the traditional breweries Portuguese”, and that at the same time “pays tribute to the richness of the local cuisine and the quality of regional products – so much of the coast as in the interior -, but also to the culture as mediterranean provide, share and gather friends around the table”.

With a view to the sea, invest in a elegant decoration and an environment of informality to display fish and seafood from the coast, the traditional snacks of Portuguese, not to mention the steaks which are part of the universe of any brewery worth its salt. Moreover, the supply of The Gastropub, various options of local and international beers, including craft.

From the menu developed by chef Diogo Pereira, who takes pride in his “Portuguese soul”, presents a dozen appetizers, the octopus Salad (€8,50) on the Bark stuffed crab (€15), passing by the mussels and clams, and a tempting Plank of sausages of Monchique (€15). Scrambled eggs with sausage and asparagus (€8) and fried Prawns in garlic (€16) are other options snack bars. Comforting and tasty is also the Cream of seafood (€9,50), a soup velvety aroma the anise, where does not lack lobster shrimp. Are required, the Oysters of Alvor (€3,50/unit), always praised by the boss Diogo Pereira, but also the Carabineros and the Shrimp-Tiger, sauté or grill. As each day is a different day, the supply of fish and shellfish (the weight) will also vary, depending on the supply on the market.

Open every day, between 12h00 and 22h00, the Gastropub (the Cascade Resort, the Street of Islands, Lakes. Tel. 282 771 500) raises the level of the offer, with dishes more worked and elaborated, without that this causes them to lose the Portuguese soul and the strong connection to culture and to the products of the region. In this context, you can count on tuna Loin to Portimonense with sweet potato (€22,50), with Cataplana Grouper (€54/two people), with clams and shrimp, and with the magnificent and must-see Squid stuffed with sausages of Monchique and maize porridge (€23), an excellent example of the union between land and sea, in the Algarve. In respect carnal from the menu, the Gastropub suggests three cuts – Empty, loin and chuck round, with price between €21 and €26, suitably accompanied by fries with five sauces to choose from.

To harmonise with the wide range of fish and seafood, the restaurant offers a variety of options of local and international beers, including craft, highlight the brand Of the Saints, born just a few months ago, in the area of Carvoeiro, not far from the Cascade Wellness & Lifestyle Resort.

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