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The George: A journey from the Douro to Gaia from cups and snacks

Between the field, where everything sprouts and grows and the margins of Gaia, where apruma, the wine envelops the lives, people, routines, and many stories. Some, dressed in roupagens current, are at the table, the George, the restaurant of the Sandeman Hostel & Suites, located right next to the cellars of the brand, which is also a tribute to its ambitious founder.

George was, in 1790, a young scottish with a vision: borrowed by the parent, the 300 pounds that it has invested in a business of marketing of wines of Porto and Jerês gave rise to an empire. This is just the prologue of a story that is made up of several short stories. Many are evident on the port side, where the history of the Sandeman along these more than 200 years if the account in dark tones and mysterious are the hallmark of the company.

A story in three chapters
In line with the creativity, bold of Sandeman, George has as chief adviser to a young man who is not afraid to take risks and for those who work in this kitchen was a “big challenge”. Peter Lemon ‘drew’ a journey of flavors between the Douro and deep margins urban of the river, passing by the Mouth. Is there the Tomato heart of ox (in conjunction with other variants, spinach and cheese, in a salad fresquíssima), and the Cod with bread, so duriense, but also the fish which the sea brings to the Mouth, whose best exemplar is the creative sea Bass in your the Bone (€20 per person for a minimum of three).

Its history and recipe book personnel, the chief has brought the already famous Patties of cockles, with or without rice stew of the season (€13) and an exotic Steak tartar with couratos and almonds (€8), which is a good way to start the meal.
In the letter fit options such as the Healing of the Sea (€8,50); Cuttlefish, squid and inks (€13,50); Hand cow freak (€12) or False cabidela (€13). In the end, the ideal is to Go to the Madness (€6) or even to surrender to the 4 deadly Sins, a mix of desserts of the house (€9).

If the weather is good, choose a table outside, even more pleasant since the marginal of Gaia was cut off to traffic, and sit facing the river. Here you can also enjoy a cocktail from the letter of the ten, all prepared with Port Wine and designed exclusively for this space, with a view to the very particular: tell the history of Port Wine by flavors, ingredients, and inspirations.

Inside, the living room on the first floor is intimate and elegant, the image of the Sandeman, creative, following the line of the brand, but always relaxed, corresponding to the essence of casual chic of the group The Independent. The The George is the result of a partnership between the Sogrape, owner of Sandeman – and The Independent Collective, the company responsible for hostel and suites The House of Sandeman Hostel & Suites, on the waterfront of Gaia, (and also The Independent and the restaurants, The Decadent and The Unusual), all in Lisbon.

The George (Largo Miguel Bombarda, Vila Nova de Gaia. Tel. 220 993 057) is open daily between 10.00 am to 1.00 am and closes on Tuesday and Wednesday at dinner.

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