The History Man: you have Reached the third chapter of a new era…

Protected, inside the zone walled town of Óbidos, was born a few days ago the The History Man – the House of the Pasture. It is the third chapter of a new era started in 2012, in this town that is also literary. The couple Marta Garcia and Telmo Faria have made born, six years ago, the River Meadow, a housing unit with a strong identity environmentally friendly, which has sustainability as one of the pillars of its development. Less than five kilometres from the centre of Obidos, Rio do Prado, which is defined as “tourism, creative and sustainable” has been awarded several times in the past few years (Gold Key edition 2018 of the Guide Good Bed Good Table). It is here that is the first chapter of this new era, a time that the River Meadow is the “The Maker Man”.

The second chapter was born in October 2015, with the opening of The Literary Man, the hotel that if you write yourself, and which has earned the title of “largest hotel in the literary world”, to accommodate, in the rooms and in the common areas, more than 60 thousand books, some from private collections, in addition to a restaurant, appropriately named “Book & Cook”.

With the accumulated experience, in the aspect of food and beverage, more and more admittedly is “farm to table”, the mentors of the two projects have made to be born, a few days ago, the third chapter of this new era: The History Man – the House of the Pasture! In an old building, on the upper floor houses the Municipal Museum of Óbidos, the The History Man bet “in a new literary atmosphere of cultural richness expressive”, explains Marta and buenos Aires, adding that this project “gives continuity to the idea of merging the culture in the hotel industry by creating hotels and restaurants from literary and appears as a tribute and contribution to the Óbidos Vila Literária, creating places of relaxation, but innovative”.

Already in the heart of the village, inside the zone walls, and with access from the Square of Santa Maria, the The History Man develops in three main areas: the two interior rooms of restaurant, a tavern/shop, with separate entrance to the street, and a magnificent courtyard where it is installed a terrace, a lounge and an outside kitchen. The Kamado (a grill and/or oven japanese) stands out in the area of cooking and bar outside, as well as an area for cooking with fire, where a pot XXL already gave prove a magnificent paella.

With the balmy days of summer is in the outer zone is where it all happens, from the cocktails to the appetizers, wines to the dishes more substantial. There is a menu that is specific to this area, which invites to long meetings, with or without books, which include grilled meats, such as beef Tenderloin (€18), Grilled chicken (€11) and spare Ribs of pork (€14), which can be accompanied, preferably, by Migas, Rice and beans, or sautéed Vegetables. Each dish has a trim to choose from, each extra option costs €3. Every day the menu offers a recipe of “Pan”. Complement the menu with three options of fresh pasta, with the pasta with clams (€13), in an excellent plan.

Already the interior rooms of The History Man – the House of the Pastures, are the books the protagonists of the greatest of the decoration: “Rodeamo us a collection of thousands of books and documents of History”, explains Marta and buenos Aires, which include, in addition to beautiful architecture and tiles, the lighting of the space, “that the light comes out of the books because it is of the books that comes to us the knowledge.” There are many “stories” to tell, as the source of the chairs used in the restaurant or in the pictures on the menu.

The letter from the restaurant, which will enter into force very I brief, shows all the strength of the concept of The History Man, with many snacks/entries, but also dishes of fish, meat, chops, and vegetarian. The list is almost endless and tempting, the Bowl of the ear of the pig to the Partridge marinated with onion crispy, Razor-fish with celery and apple green to smoked Eel on pine, passing by the boards of regional cheeses and sausages. Then, over the weeks and the cool of the day, the traditional flavors reinforce in dishes such as Ranch, Dicks with grain, Portuguese Stew, Tripe with white beans, Chicken in Púcara, Arroz de cabidela, broad Beans with spare ribs, among many others. Folder of ox tail and Risotto and peas with rabbit in red wine, meat, and tomato Bread soup with octopus, breaded and grilled Cod with potato salad and pickles, fish are the other options from the charter of The History Man – the House of the Pasture. In the winter, the zone of connection between the courtyard and the interior rooms will turn into a place for intimate dinners, inspired by the mysticism of the medieval space, already christened “Gradão”.

“The House of the Pastures, leads us to the good Portuguese tradition in a village so sought after by people from all over the world. It is here, in books, in objects, in the tags and in the dishes that we want to go with the story”, a resume of the mentors of The History Man.

Since all the excuses are good to visit this village in the West know that between 27 September and 7 October takes place a new edition of the FOLIO – Literary Festival Internacional de Óbidos.

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