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The Holy ghost: grab with the blessing of Roger Moore

Not, the Home The Holy Anibal Portugal, in Nazareth, not in honor of a patron saint. It generates devotion, it is certain, but the name is due to the television series “The Saint” who, in the decade of the 60’s, immortalized the actor Roger Moore in the role of Simon Templar, a playboy punisher. Anibal Portugal Galvao, owner and founder – with Maria de Lourdes – place of pilgrimage of gastronomy, opened in 1964, was a great devotee of the series, which has a graffiti covering the wall.

The Holy ghost began to serve snacks and are gaining followers. It has become a case study: if you see amigalhaços to give vent to the imperial, at the counter or on the terrace, such as the elderly reading the newspaper of the day, next to your four-legged friend. Or still families gathered around the tables, tasting the flavors divine. “People bring their children. They grow up and then also bring the girlfriends”, describes Lurdes, the daughter of the owner.

The façade in yellow, cobblestone, imitations of the roofs of houses, wooden beams, and pictures with Marco Paul paint the picture of the tavern and The Saint. Everything went of the head of the host: “I Like to keep the tradition and to this aesthetics, of wood, not aluminium,” says Hannibal. The space is divided into two rooms, with wooden tables, and a menu focused on shellfish.

One of the snacks the most sought after is the Cockle (€5,95/dose), served with cebolada and tomato or natural. The garlic, the coriander and the olive oil to give flavor to the Clams (€12,50/dose clam and black €10/dose clam white). You can still find Razor fish to the natural cebolada or ” bulhão Pato, and also Sapateira €19,50/Kg), wild Shrimp (€28/Kg) and Snails (€6/dose) in their season (may to September), with a seasoning that “it’s a secret”…

Relax, lover of Barnacles, as also the can find (€28/Kg) in tasco The Holy ghost, such as the Whelk (€25/Kg). The Mariscada (€28/Kg) includes clams in black and white, cockle and shrimp. It does not matter to develop an extensive menu, it is “preferable” to a more short, “with a focus on quality, and because the kitchen is small”.

To drink is easy, the beer refreshing, imperial, or mug will always be well. Is aged wine, white wine and red wine, and green wine. In the summer, The Holy Rail of the Elevator 11, Nazareth. Tel. 262 085 128) does not have closing day, working from 12.00 to 00.00. In the winter, the time goes up to 22: 30 and closes on Tuesday. Hallowed be!

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