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The LAB: creativity and innovation in the laboratory d The Bakery Portuguese

Before we start this article we remember to count the number of Bakeries Portuguese in the greater Lisbon area. We got to 47 and lost the thread – but in the meantime we have confirmed that already are 58 shops. Talk n’ Bakery Portuguese is to speak in the Bread-of-God, in croissante brioche, patty chicken, chocolate cake… and more recently is to get out of the domain of the bakery pure and hard to speak and also in creation and innovation.

The brand new LAB, the laboratory of the brand does not use products in flammable or corrosive chemicals and to be a place where research and experimentation in the kitchen are taken with the scientific rigor that is required in any other matter. Settled in full Avenue of the Republic, in a wide space and airy, minimalist and very bright, and that if gaba not to hide the kitchen. On the contrary, in this lab the process of cooking and preparation can be followed closely through the plate glass windows that separate the living room from the “workshops”.

The maturity of the project, which takes already eight years of experience in the luggage, was unleashing new forms of consumption and the birth of new products.

In a yearned for return to the origin of the bakeries handmade, taking into account the increasing concerns with food of clients, were born the first loaves of fermentation long of the mark. There are five: 100% Wheat, Mix (Wheat and Rye), Spelt, and Seeds, 100% Rye and Corn Bread (from €2,40). The water, the salt and the flour miller, with a higher concentration of nutrients to be milled in stone, give body to these breads that are based on 16 hours of fermentation , and take close to 24 hours to be at the point to go in the oven. In the end, it is expected in a crust crispy, slightly caramelized, the crumb moist and, the best news is, a loaf of bread that remains flawless until the following day.

And it is precisely this variety of bread that serves as support for the new menu of sandwiches of the LAB: tuna, brie, shrimp, roast beef, salmon, and vegan options to choose from, which can be requested individually or combined with salads – there are 11 different, reason that can lead to some delay in the choice, but if you are into tasting a new thing, we suggest the lentils with spinach, goat cheese, beet and basil sauce (€6,95). The quiches homemade also part of the offer of lunch and make up the meal with the soup of the day and salad to accompany (€6,95).

In this LAB, Bakery Portuguese (Av. of the Republic 39, Lisbon) come out of the oven 260 loaves of bread per day, that ship quickly to the counter. The idea is that this skirt is also a line of products for the remaining stores in the chain. For now, you will be creating and challenging trends in this laboratory.

Behind the formula craft is the master, Paulo Cardoso, the first employee of the Bakery, the Portuguese and the “chemical” responsible for the preparation of the revenue of the brand since its inception in 2010. And this includes the new list of cakes, “small and great” of the brand. From now on, and in the first category, the banana bread and the honey and lavender are great excuses for a snack and reinforced, but when you realize that there is a version of the pistachio, carrot cake and another of chocolate and orange, will have difficulty in staying for just one. In the case, take the company and ask for a round of three or four to share (€2,20, drive). In the department of cakes family, there is no disputing the strawberry cake and mascarpone that can be purchased whole or by the slice.

We end this story with a good news: the brand new brunch of the LAB, which brings to the table a unique selection of delicacies for breakfast, such as pancakes, oatmeal and some delicious eggs Turkish. Serves up all the week-ends and public holidays, from 09h00 to 16h00.

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