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The lamprey in Lisbon: save on kilometres, in the name of good seasonal cuisine

Monção, Caminha, Valença, Penafiel, Gondomar, Castelo de Paiva, Penacova, Montemor-o-Velho, or Take are some of the most well-known areas that give a good name and better flavor to the catfish. Until the middle of the month of April there are several festivals and exhibitions dining dedicated to the so-called “bicho feio!” that, in fact, is the protagonist of several of the most iconic seasonal dishes of the traditional cuisine. Rice of lamprey, and Lamprey to the Bordalesa are the most popular ways to serve this famous “ciclóstomo”. But, don’t be discouraged. If you are unable to get on the road, the Good Bed Good Table introduces you to the best screenplay of the lamprey in the Great Lisbon.

Solar Hams
Here, in addition to many famous, is the defense of the good traditional Portuguese cuisine. If you have doubts, notice the walls of the restaurant, where are the pictures of the notable regular clients, who have helped to give success to the house. Its traditional cuisine, with a strong influence of the regional cuisine of the minho region, enchants and convinces. These days, the Rice of lamprey, or Lamprey eel to the Bordalesa (€27,50, the dose) are the object of pilgrimage. Always permanent are the bacalhau à Gomes de Sá or to Narcisa, Rice with lobster, the Arroz de cabidela and the roast lamb in the oven to the Monsoon, which married well with the excellent wine cellar. It should be noted that, in 2017, Evaristo Cardoso, the owner and founder of the Solar of the Hams, was awarded with the Career Award Good Bed Good Table.
Rua Portas de Santo Antão, 150, Lisbon. Tel. 213 424 253

Adega da Tia Matilde
The Adega da Tia Matilde was born in 1926, as the tavern. With time it was growing and, truly, by multiplying by the surrounding rooms, turning slowly in a prestigious restaurant. The more regular clients still look for the table in the corner, right at the entrance, where, almost every day, sat Eusebio da Silva Ferreira. It is the meeting point of various figures of politics and business gather there in a discreet way. Up to April are the dishes of Lamprey in the Minho region and to the Bordalesa (both €42, the dose that can be shared) that delight customers. Per order can still prove Lamprey marinade or Catfish baked in the oven.
Rua da Beneficência, 77, Lisbon. Tel. 217 972 172

The Winery Solar De Lima
With more than five decades of existence, this winery or, if you prefer, tavern, holds true to the same principles. It’s almost a canteen for the neighborhood where you installed, more precisely, to the side of the Sappers Firemen, Alvalade. In addition to hands surefire in the kitchen, traditional base, has as attributes the economic prices and the servings generous. The Winery Solar de lima maintains the philosophy of having a special dish for each day of the week, the Rockets to the Bacalhau à Minhota, in addition to several snacks. Relying on its strong culinary heritage, the winery also serves, by order, Rice of lamprey (€65, which feeds up to four people).
Avenida Rio de Janeiro, 29 F, Lisbon. Tel. 218 489 493

Tasca do João
Already changed location and owners, but kept the array of cuisine, faithful to the teachings of regional minho, that parade in dishes such as the Cod fried to Minho, the roast Lamb and even Pork to the Tavern of John. Other births that fill the measures of the regular customers are the Choquinhos fried with onion and bean stew of hare. In the entries, do not waste cured. There is also the green wine of the house and a family service. The extensive menu, with many options for order, get up to April, an ally of weight, the famous lamprey, from Vila Nova de Cerveira, served in the Bordalesa or rice. A lamprey whole, to share, costs €85.
Rua do Lumiar, 122, Lisbon. Tel. 217 590 311

Solar dos Nunes
A classic in the city that continues to serve the most authentic local cuisine, honoring not only the products of excellence such as the traditional recipes made for a kitchen experienced and competent. The Solar dos Nunes is a space truly of gentlemen, where all of the room and the team make every customer cinte truly special. The soup is rich of fish, for two people is one of the specialties of the house, the Cataplana de cherne with lobster, a true perfection and one of the most emblematic dishes of the house. These days, find out also the supply of lamprey, from the city of Amarante, in rice or to Bordalesa (€40, with the right to six pieces). Enjoy the valet parking, already rare in this day and age.
Rua dos Lusíadas, 68/72, Lisbon. Tel. 213 647 359

The story has it that in 1964, it was remodeled and enlarged by the architect Maurício de Vasconcelos. From these works, and at a time when Portugal was a closed country, and under a dictatorship, the Gambrinus has reached the status of “luxury restaurant” that holds up today. It was also the worth of this architect, who came the unique designs of lamps, tables with generous dimensions and comfortable chairs in wood and leather, Portuguese, engraved with the logo of the restaurant. But it was in the “Bar” that the nights were beginning, that if they traded two fingers of conversation or if they saw the artists coming out of the Coliseu dos Recreios for a meal “out of hours”. There are several “Gambrinices” served at Gambrinus, but the Croquettes have been already several times referred to as the “best of Lisbon”. Now, it is time to taste another house specialty, the Arroz de lampreia (€42,50). Also prepared to Bordalesa.
Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, 23-25, Lisbon. Tel. 213 421 466

Gift Beans
Discretely installed next to the Avenida de Roma, this is a restaurant that has already won its space in the difficult market of the restoration of lisbon. The service is always efficient, the excellence of the products used in the kitchen and the cooking of traditional base the prices honest guarantee, daily full house at the Sun Bean. The fish are the great emblem of this restaurant, but the origins of minho will not go unnoticed. Tell with dishes of the day inspired by the traditional recipes of the Portuguese stew to monkfish rice. Here, there is the excellent and little seen option, serve fish heads. As there is no guarantee that you arrive in quantity, it is best to book and order with a few days in advance, a dose of Rice of lamprey à moda do Minho (€25).

Balcony of Lisbon
The restaurant Varanda de Lisboa, on the Hotel World, it saves you the work of doing the road and presents, until march 18, a menu dedicated to the lamprey. In the special menu of the restaurant Varanda de Lisboa suggest, as inputs, Roe shad in polme of cilantro and mayonnaise, orange or soup of the day. In the main dishes, you will be able to taste Rice of lamprey in the fashion of a Monsoon or the Lamprey to the Bordalesa. To end the meal, the hard part will be choosing from the famous cart from the restaurant Balcony of Lisbon, always stuffed with the traditional desserts and still with some proposals convent. The special menu dedicated to the lamprey costs €35 per person, and accompany with the wine harvest, the Hotel’s private World.
Praça Martim Moniz, 2, Lisbon. Tel. 218 842 000

Beira Mar
Quality in the product, kitchen tune and a team room equipped to the accuracy and attentive to all details ensure the fame and the advantage of this restaurant. To the entry, the exhibitor shows the fresh fish of the day, a little more on the inside, the eyes stop at the aquarium seafood. The menu is filled with options of nature marine, is in the entries, is in the main, with emphasis on Grilled seafood and shellfish, with lobster, prawns and clams, both for two people. In fish, the charter presents one of the greatest classics of the house: Fillets of hake with rice cockles. In the restaurant Beira Mar, since 1973, a place of pilgrimage discrete for many other notables will also find, by this day, the famous Lamprey to Bordalesa (€35, the dose). Per order (minimum two people) is also prepared a tempting Rice of lamprey.
Rua das Flores, 6, Cascais. Tel. 214 827 380

The Fjord
We do not know if the lamprey arrives by plane, from the minho Vila Nova de Cerveira, up to the nearby airfield, but guaranteed, the quality of the “bug ugly” does not doubt. The catfish is served exclusively to the Bordalesa (€27,50), and each dose satisfies two people. We advise booking a table, given the fact that the restaurant across The Fjord to be small and always very crowded. On the menu you will find still other cuisine traditional feijoadas, hand beef, roast lamb and cod with potatoes. Neighbourhood restaurant, justifies the name with images of the Norwegian fjords on the walls, a remembrance of the founder, though deceased, who traveled by those stops nordic before devoting himself to the restaurant business.
Largo dos Duartes, 152, Tires. Tel. 214 441 707

(Text adapted from article published in the Express Daily 15/02/2018)

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