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The Last Supper, according to Diogo Noronha, restaurant Fishing

The premise of the challenge is not simple. Over 2000 years later, re-create the one that will have been the last meal of Jesus Christ before being taken by the romans to be nailed to the cross. It is the most famous meal in the history of man, reason, study, analysis, and even controversial, twenty centuries later.

Over the past six years, the History Channel challenged an equal number of heads to redesign what has been brought to the table and that would be called The Last Supper. This year, the channel had as its main inspiration from the Sea, choosing one of the chiefs most prestigious thematics – Diogo Noronha -, for a historical challenge: the re-creation of the menu of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ and the apostles, in an innovative way.

Diogo Noronha, chief of the Fisheries, considered as Revelation Restaurant to the guide Boa cama Boa Mesa 2018, is characterized by practice a kitchen sheer, allied to the sustainable lifestyle and that you use fresh fish such as large raw material. The result is a mini-program, over which the spectators can watch the creative process for the re-creation of the supper, the most celebrated of the Story, according to your vision and personal inspiration.

The menu of the head of the Fishing sustains the recreation of four dishes, a cover charge, an entry, a main dish of fish and a dessert, which reflect a notion of rite of passage, rebirth, resurrection and new life. Always with the concern of minimizing the ecological impact of the kitchen, choosing only products that adhere to a philosophy of sustainability.

Diogo Noronha in collaboration with Adolfo Henriques, producer of the Farm of the Mills, recognized for his work in research and the use of techniques and old products in the food industry, namely the production of the secular wheat dewlap and Jane Sarrazy, from Quinta do Poial, a young farmer who is known for providing organic vegetables and herbs to many of the great chefs in Lisbon.

To start, the appetizers: bread, unleavened sesame and cumin, accompanied by mussels smoked, the floor of nettles and sorrel. As input: tuna tartar with a salad of wheat tufted, fresh herbs and hazelnuts , and, as a main dish, monkfish grilledwith carrots and white parsley root, broth, saffron and ginger, seaweed and coastal plants. Finally, for dessert, a chocolate egg filled with mousse of honey, propolis and damascus, based on the traditions that certainly have influenced this defining moment in the life of Christ.

The proposed menu for The Last Supper from the Chef Diogo Noronha is available from 27 march to 1 April, in the restaurant Fishing (Rua da Escola Politécnica, 27, Lisbon. Tel. 213 460 633), as the meal option for lunch or dinner. It costs €50 per person and, if you opt for the harmonisation of wines, plus a further €25.

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