The latest temptations of the flesh in the Great Harbour

The passions of the flesh have introduced a new lexicon in the language of their lovers. Cuts and characteristics of maturation and the region of origin are now the topic of conversation at the table and out of her. The Good Bed Good Table selected 8 spaces where red, pink or brown, the meat is served grilled, and in generous doses.

RIB Beef & Wine
Rui Martins is behind the creations of the RIB Beef & Wine where are the meats different, whether it be by source, by cutting, or by cooking. The chief winner of the Competition Chef of the Year 2016, makes his magic in the kitchen partially open to the restaurant, with a view to the large dining room where the meat is the star bigger. Olive Sanuki Wagyu (€52) – a beef and japanese, in the last six months of life is fed only by the olives – an entry is a must for anyone who deserves a new experience. Also tempting is the Woodpecker loin with “salsa de la vida” (€11). As main dish we suggest the Empty with the maturity of 14 days (€22/300 gr), a selection of Empty special with bone, matured for 60 days (€35/300 gr) or the Cowboy Steak – cut from a bullock aged 28 days, juicy and tasty (€49/700 gr). Pestana Vintage Porto, Praça da Ribeira, 1, Porto, portugal. Tel. 966273822

There are several reasons for this restaurant to gather consensus on to be one of the sites of the city where there are not that fool. The high-quality meat have their origin in a variety of locations around the globe and come in different cuts, served with side dishes to choose from for relaxed people that know what makes. The environment is intimate and secluded, although right in the centre of the city. This Rectory is not easy to decide, but the’entrecôte Dutch (€72/two people) is a delight, and the old Ox Portuguese, with 32 days of ripening (€54/3 or 4 people) is a wonder. Rua de Sá de Noronha 33, Porto, portugal. Tel. 927608628

Terminal 4450
Here, everything refers to a trip that, in this case, if it causes the eyes and the palate, without leaving your desk. Framed by the Port of Leixões makes reference to his vocation of ‘departure’. Consisting of snacks and grill, the charter of the Terminal 4450 presents itself as a passport to a meal well-composed. Because the flesh sends in this selection, start with a Tartare of ox (€11) and then choose between the ten options of cuts (€17 €56) with particular emphasis to Costeletão Matured (45 days), the Tomahawk and the Black Angus. Avenida Dr. Antunes Guimarães – Terminal 4450, Leca Da Palmeira. Tel. 919851933

Normally when we went out to eat out-the idea is to not have any work. The exception opens when it is finished cooking on the table, as in a fondue or on the stone. It is the case of this restaurant is recent, dedicated to the art of grilling at the table. The charter of the Nacox is short and displays only the Loin of beef, Heart of rump and Rump (plus a here the dissonant Tuna) with prices between €14 and €16 (one person) or €21 and €25 (two people) to accompany a mouthwatering arroz de salpicão. Per order, there is lamb and veal in the oven. Rua da Picaria 16, Port. Tel. 222011807

MUU Steakhouse
Dedicated to beef, the MUU continues the legacy started with the first restaurant opened by Miguel and Telmo – the Tascö – that remains in port contiguous. The kitchen at this Steakhouse, which also works for the pair: the two captains, João Ribeiro and Gabriel Gil, are dedicated to preparing meat dishes and not only. The only entrance to the meat, the Johnny’s Scotch (egg with crispy meats, Brussels sprouts and puree of shallot), and the 4-4-2, a gratin of cheeses (both $ 9) are good options preliminary. After is to choose the cut and the maturation process, a list not too extensive but enough: Loin (€22), Tomahawk (€64) or T-Bone matured (€52). Rua do Almada, 149, Porto, portugal. Tel. 914784032

Carne Arouquesa
Elegant and sober, without pretentiousness, in the restaurant Carne Arouquesa the highlight goes all to what arrives at the table, as if we were in Arouca. Whether in the form of Steak in the fashion of Alvarenga (€38/kg), Veal Arouquesa Baked in the Oven (€20), Posta Arouquesa on the Grill (€12,50), the specialties of this restaurant are dedicated to one of the best meats, certified national. The street of the Constitution, 2129, Port. Tel. 220942703

Lot of spaces to enjoy the flesh that we present here, this is the most recent. The Vaccarum briu last month (February) and because hunger has no time to appear, is open all day. Serves beef originating in Argentina, Australia and Uruguay, on cuts like the T-Bone (€43/two people) and the Tomahawk (€45/two people), in naco, matured, or in the form of kebab (from $ 26). Don’t ask high, but there are also th, octopus, and francesinhas. Rua Fernandes Tomás, 839, R/C, Porto, Portugal. Tel. 221127181

Beautiful Aires
The argentinean meat is one of the best in the world and for that reason can not miss this selection. In addition to the various dishes in which the meat is the star, starting in the empanadas with spicy and raisins (€2/unit), webmaster resources kit stew with tagliatelle homemade (€13), Meat on the grill, accompanied by polenta, sweet potato and potato and normal baked, with sauces from chimichurri, creole and/or barbecue (€17 or €25) in the Beautiful Aires highlights-if the served quantity in the formats Bife de Chorizo (€20) and Colita de Cuadril (€15/150 gr or €17/200 gr). The heat argentino in this cozy house has the power to warm up also the soul. Rua de Belomonte, 104, Porto, portugal. Tel. 223195661

… And some more suggestions for a quickie on the bread. Because between two slices you also eat a good steak.

Come more 5
In this tasquinha from the centre of Porto, the nail may be simple, with fillet of beef or the cheese. From €3,50. Rua Santo Ildefonso, 219, Porto, Portugal. Tel. 223195983

Studs on the Port
A I would preach handmade where the array is a signature. Sirloin or rump, all integrate local breads and potato chips. From $ 6. Rua da Torrinha, 220, Porto, portugal. Tel. 224001019

Dona Maria I Would Preach
With names sayings or expressions that are popular, these studs are anything but conventional. Regularly comes a limited edition. From €6,80. Rua de Ceuta, 63. Tel. 223271112

Bonaparte Downtown
Sirloin or pork always knows well to combine with the great atmosphere of this bar. From €7. Praça Guilherme Gomes Fernandes, 40, Porto, Portugal. Tel. 22096 2852

(Text adapted from an article published in the Express Daily 8/03/2018)

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