The Lingerie Restaurant: a year on the show all… to the table

These things, of restaurants, of course, there are always several ingredients that need to join to win customers. Naturally, the kitchen is the main, whether or not the author. But if it is seasoned with performances of the erotic and sensual, served by employees in lingerie , and you have, on the menu, dishes with evocative names such as “Clit of Mary Transmontana”, “Widow Insatiable” or “Orgasm in the Garden”, the success is almost guaranteed.

So it seems to be with the Lingerie Restaurant that made a year day February 10, which opened its doors in Lisbon, but that takes the date from Valentine’s Day to make the celebration. Today there’s a party, it promises to be lively, to spice up even more a day which, by tradition, if you want it to be special.

The The Lingerie Restaurant (Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, 88, Lisbon. Tel. 915 672 450) is more than a simple restaurant, but it is also more than a the house shows. According to the creators of the concept, here, is literally, pleasure at the tabletogether (we went back to the ingredients), author cuisine , wrapped in eroticism and sensuality. Add a warm decor and welcoming, the presentation of employees in lingerie and a succession of performances of the erotic and sensual and are gathered together the condiments to a meal different from the usual.

But it is not only the environment that changes from one day to the other. The menu is renewed each season with new recipes from the author, there are available four menus, (between €45 and €65 per person), with different options, between “foreplay” (starters), “blows” (main dishes) and “ménage a trois” (desserts). Although the names “spicy”, it is here traditional Portuguese cuisine with an international touch, created by consultant chef José Alexandre.

In the various moments of the letter there is the“Swing of the Sea”, “the Whims of a Cow”, “Tits Bird”, “Clit of Mary Transmontana”, “Widow’s Insatiable” and “Orgasm in the Garden”, never forgetting those who like to other things, such as the vegetarian or intolerant to gluten. The performances of the dancers of both sexes are by appointment, there are two sessions, the first between 19: 00 and 22: 00 and the second from 22h15 to 02h00, and is promoted by the interaction with the public, through a system of “traffic lights”. That is, there are cards with the colors green, orange and red. Just customers no longer visible to the desired color and the dancers can get closer and interact (green), can approach with moderation (orange), or simply, do not approach (red).

When the concept of The Lingerie Restaurant was introduced in Portugal, the majority of clients were men. Today are mainly women and couples. And it turns out to be the female lead. The idea of The Lingerie Restaurant came 14 years ago during the voyages of the Portuguese businessman Luís Almeida. First in Port, (Rua Gonçalo Cristovão, 198), and later in Lisbon, on Avenida António Augusto de Aguiar, 88th).

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