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The Lingerie Restaurant: Pleasure served to the table (also) in Lisbon

The first signal is given when the menus arrive at the table. Sensual and provocative employed, adjust the lingerie to the body sculptural and welcome to customers. The environment, in shades of red and black creates an atmosphere of seduction, with a small stage in the background to suggest that here there is much more than food author.

The pull-out chairs for the ladies to occupy the place, in “The Lingerie Restaurant”, are sculptural men in girded costumes intimate, with the muscles in the reluzir in the twilight of the room. The first ruborizar of the faces happens when the letter arrives to the table, authored by the chief José Alexandre, divided by three menus, the Silver, the Gold and the Premier, a table prime, the more close to the stage where the animation happens from Wednesday to Friday at 20: 30 and 02: 00, Saturday from 19.00 to 02.00. The prices range between €45 and €55 per person.

In the menu of “the Lingerie Restaurant” any of the menus, always starts, and nor could it be otherwise, with the “Preliminary”. In practice, this is Cheese marinade, balls of sausage and black pudding, pate of tuna, olives and bread erotic. Then, already more comfortable, the main options, called “blows”, can be a “Bacchanal on the beach”, the name given to the Puff of cod with sauce of seafood served with vegetables of the season, a “really I Italian”, that is, the Folder Penne with tomato sauce, basil and parmesan cheese, and even “Whims of A Cow”, a Steak of the empty with pepper sauce, served with roasted potatoes and vegetables of the season.

In “The Lingerie Restaurant” the proposals continue with a vegetarian option, called the “Orgasm in the garden”, achieved with Tagliatelle with fresh mushrooms and ratatouille, coriander and curry sauce. There is even a “Widow’s Insatiable”, the name given to the Fillet of beef with pepper sauce, served with roasted potatoes. The desserts, which are grouped under the name “Ménage à trois” pass, among other proposals, for chocolate Cake with coulis of wild berries and nougat.

The thematic concept of “The Lingerie Restaurant”, is unique in Portugal and you want to offer author cuisine, wrapped in eroticism and sensuality. Mixed with the kitchen service there are always performances of the erotic and sensual, the result of inspiration gained there are already 13 years by the owner, Luís Almeida, who discovered the concept in Australia. With this new house, now in Lisbon (Avenida António Augusto de Aguiar, 88 A. Tel. 915 672 450) is intended to never exceed the boundaries of the reasonable, being promoted interaction with the public, through open competitions and offering travel vouchers.

There are still, in “The Lingerie Restaurant”, theme parties, in addition to the stag parties, and parties of divorce. Those who do not want to be part of the show and do not want interaction with the dancers and waiters, there is a system of “traffic lights”, with cards with the colors green, orange and red. Just customers no longer visible to the desired color and the dancers can get closer and interact (green), can approach with moderation (orange), or simply, do not approach (red). Up because they want to be, above all, that this is only a restaurant where to eat good.

The “The Lingerie Restaurant” Lisbon opens the 10 of February for the guests, and then to the public in time for valentine’s day. “The Lingerie Restaurant” Porto (Rua Gonçalo Cristovão, 198. Tel. 915 672 450) feeds and entertains since 2004.

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