The Mariscador: Praise to the mariscadas in the centre of Lisbon

It was thought to “fish” without a hurry, and instead of choosing the view obvious of the sea or of the river, installed in the middle Square of Bulls of the Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon, with the promise of surprise.

In fact, Rodrigo Castle, just arrived with The Mariscador to Lisbon after the evidence given at the Tavern, O Desk, in Santarém (winner of a Graph of Silver in the edition of 2018 Guide Good Bed Good Table), do not know how to do things differently and clothing traditional, little differentiated and that there is little or nothing to add to the experience at the table, are not with him.

In a relaxed space that says for the compliment to the seafood of the river, placed a bet on a cuisine on the top floor, where you will be served a tasting menu already from this summer, while the ground floor and the terrace, already in full operation, serving meals to the charter, containing not only the best seafood in the sea and the river, this last little bit common on the tables in lisbon, with proposals such as the Crab o alhinho (€12), the Prawns in lemon thyme (€14) or the Mixed fried and smoked(€13).

The capital also arrives the Dove, the traditional bread of Santarém, stuffed with Crab, soft shell (€12,50), tuna Loin (€12) or the Nail of the loin (€10). Don’t miss the Cockles to Tóino of the elevator (€12), the Mussels in citrus fruits (€11) and the almost indescribable Rice of lobster, finished with a butter cooking itself, of course, lobster, available for two people (€60). Travel to the past in the time of desserts, displayed in a box in a tin, equal to those that take balls of Berlin to the sands of the beaches of São Martinho do Porto.

For now, the Mariscador only serves dinners by appointment but soon, very soon, promises to extend the time for lunch.
The square of Bulls of the Campo Pequeno, Lisbon. Tel. 968 444 126

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